Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Track

I'm loving speedwork right now.  I guess because I know that I've slowed down the past 6 months and I'm trying to get back to where I was last summer.  But, seriously, I love speedwork.  When I'm "flying" down the track, I feel like all of you speedy gals out there.

We did a half mile warm up, then did 4 x 200s (while walking the rest of the lap), and then another half mile cool down.  I watched my garmin during the 200s (I should've hit lap for all of those, but I wasn't thinking...) and I did a 8:29, 9:29, 9:59, and 10:00 on the sprints.  So, I really need to work on consistency!!  You can definitely tell that I got tired and slowed way down.  But, I still loved doing the speedwork and can't wait until next Monday night.  This Thursday my group is doing our run off the track.  I believe we're going 2.5-3 miles.  I'm pretty excited, except for the fact that I'll be towards the back and I just hope I'm not way behind.  We have some speedy ladies in our group this year!

As for tonight, there will be no running.  We're going over to hub's meemaw's house for dinner.  :) YUM!

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Lauren said...

You wanna do my speedwork for me? I HATE it :P

Heather said...

I did speedwork yesterday, too. I sorta love to hate it! :)

WannabeRunner said...

Good job on your speedwork! I'm sure you'll get consistent times soon enough. :)

lindsay said...

You'll feel the paces better as you continue to do speedwork. Keep it up!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Great job, lady! that's so neat that you're in a group too, what great motivation! I look forward to getting back to working out/upping my exercise very soon! :)