Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Excitement is in the Air!

  • Hubs and I are officially registered for The Ranch Ride!  34 miles cycling on a hot June day...here we come! 
  • I found tanning for $10 a month unlimited!!!!  It's at the place where last year I was paying $30 a month - so this is super!  I just happened to luck out and they were running a special - I had to sign a 6 month contract, but I figure even if we do move before then, I still go to school in our current city and it's only like a 20 minute drive from where we'll be moving one day.
  • We had TWO house showings yesterday evening!!!  Who knows what will become of those, but a girl can hope!  I think I'm gonna try to talk hubs into doing a little bit of yard work this month sometime.  Don't worry, I'll be out there helping him.  :)  Since things are turning green again around here, it's time!
  • I'm off work tomorrow (because I have to work Saturday).  I have plans of getting my hair cut, tanning, running OUTSIDE, and studying for my midterm that's next week!

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arsenalfamily said...

Wow, I WANT to be brown, but I just can't do it. I used to tan and I did find it relaxing. I am excited for the post that says you sold your house! woohoo!