Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Did I Tell You The Time...

About a month ago, I was leaving Sam's Club with my purchase - a 50lb bag of dog food - and I hear an older man ask if I need help loading it into my vehicle. I turned around and thanked him and told him "No, but thanks." and then continued on my way. I loaded the bag into the middle seat and then when I turned around, he was there with a clear package containing yellow Daisies. He then said, "Here, try these. They're really good." I told him, "No, thanks." and kind of laughed. He was a persistant guy as he kept telling me that it was okay to eat them because they were edible and quite tasty. I kept telling him "No thank you" and that I "don't eat flowers." Finally, the guy left me alone! But, honestly, who eats flowers and who eats them when given by strangers?! It was a good laugh when I called hubs and he said "You have the weirdest things happen to you." It's true, I do!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Recap!

I didn't tell yall this, but...we went to Branson this weekend!

Hubs and I rented a one bedroom condo that had been recently remodeled - we were the very first people to stay in it! We loved the condo - it even had its own huge jacuzzi! It was wonderful! Then, my family stayed in a larger condo about a quarter of a mile away!

We drove up Friday after work and made it there around 7pm. We met up with my family and ate at the Olive Garden there in Branson. Afterwards, we made it back to our condo around 10pm and I hit the hay! I was so tired!

Saturday morning we made it to Silver Dollar City right as they were opening. We rode just about all the rides!! I even rode some kiddie rides with my cousin who is 5 years old. We had an absolute blast!! The very last ride we rode was called WildFire and I screamed like a little girl the entire time! My brother, myself, and my dad rode it and they laughed at me while I screamed!!! Seriously, I screamed the entire ride. We even bought the picture AND the video! I thought it was really cool that they have these video cameras mounted on the seat in front of you - I had no idea! I may have said "Holy Sh!t" after the ride had stopped and the camera totally caught that! Oooops! I'm gonna try to scan the picture and see if I can upload the video some time this week. I'm sure ya'll would love that!

Then Saturday evening we hit up the pool and played in the sun some more. After showering, we called in some real Italian pizza (that was wonderful) and played 4 games of Taboo! It was awesome! It was so funny, my dad said "Where you go after a night of drinking..." and I screamed out "a whore house!" - everyone laughed and said "What?!" - the answer was Waffle House. Oooops! After leaving their condo, we went back to ours and enjoyed our jacuzzi!

Sunday, we tidied up our condo and then headed to eat at Fudruckers before heading home. We love, love, love that place. Seriously, you all should eat there if given the chance. Yum!

So, there you have our weekend! I took some pictures of the condo but that was it - I'll post those sometime soon (they're still on my camera). My stepmom took a few pictures while we were in the park, but I'm not sure if I'll get my hands on those or not.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Weekend

  • After work on Friday, I went and got a new library card. I can't tell ya'll how excited I am over this. The library system has changed since the last time I've used my card. Did you know that you can see what books are at the library, when books that are currently out are due back, and you can renew your checked out book all online?! Seriously, I'm excited to check out a few books that I want to skim through but didn't want to purchase.
  • Saturday, we mowed our lawn and cleaned up all the fallen tree limbs. We then took said limbs and boards from our fence (that we've been replacing) to the city dump. Then, we ran through the Dairy Queen for lunch - yum! Saturday night, we grilled out steaks and zucchini and made some baked potatoes in the oven - delish!
  • Sunday, I went grocery shopping and we had an overall lazy day. Until... we went to see Jeff Dunham (picture above from TicketMaster site)! We bought tickets back in March and hubs has been excited ever since. I had no idea what to expect because I had never heard of him before. Honestly, I was a little scared he'd cross a few lines, but it was the BEST comedy show that I've ever seen! I've seen Larry The Cable Guy twice and he doesn't hold a candle next to Jeff Dunham! We will definitely be seeing Jeff again! And, if he comes to your area, you should seriously check him out!

Friday, July 16, 2010

4 Things Friday!

I'm lacking creativity today, so go with me...
  1. We're going to see the comedian Jeff Dunham this Sunday! I've never heard of him before but the hubs is pretty excited. I bought these tickets back in like March, so we've been waiting a while for this weekend!
  2. I'm ditching the 5k tomorrow due to the weather. Yes, I'm punking out. Seriously, the low is like 77 (which it wont be at race time)...add in our glorious humidity and no thanks. Plus, it's a new course and I'm not a fan of new courses on their 1st year. Andddddd, remember how I rolled my ankle Sunday? Well, I've been favoring my other ankle while doing cardio all this week and now it's sore. Go figure. Plus, hello sleeping in!
  3. We're totally booked for Branson. I'm so so so excited. Too bad I have a wait a little bit! I love little road trips (when I'm not driving), then we have a newly remodeled condo with a free standing jacuzzi (YAY), plus Silver Dollar City with my family and pool time!
  4. Hubs truck is scheduled to go in the shop on Monday to get repaired from the wreck. I'm hoping to post pictures of it soon! I just wanted to get some kinks ironed out before I did so.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 Things Thursday

  1. I've come to the realization that I don't like for people to do things and get away with them. I think this started when my little brother used to do things he shouldn't but never ever got in trouble for them. I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up - so that I could put the bad guys away.... Yesterday, while coming home in traffic, the lady in front of me threw out her drive-thru cup - littering the interstate! So, I wrote down her license plate number and called it in to the Littering Hotline. Yes, I'm that person. It irritates me when people litter. It irritates me when people do things and try to get away with them. I hope she gets a fat fine in the mail and learns her lesson.
  2. I've also come to the realization that if you tell me I can't do something, I will try everything humanly possible to try and prove you wrong. 9 times out of 10, I do. I might elaborate more on this later. :)
  3. We're planning a trip to Branson and I'm so very excited! Condo is rented and it's newly remodeled and we'll be the first ones to stay in it! Plus, I haven't been to Silver Dollar City in YEARS!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was a very special woman's birthday. It was hub's meemaw's birthday! She requested that everyone go to church with her Sunday morning, followed by a birthday get together. So, that's what we did!

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early, got ready for church, then drove 40 minutes to attend the 9am church service. There were so many of us that we took up 2 pews! It was amazing! Then, we drove out to the family land out in the middle of nowhere (seriously) and grilled out, rode 4 wheelers (there were 4 there!), shot guns, played games outside, and played a game inside. It was the most fun we've all had in quite some time! I know she enjoyed it and so did the rest of us.

Also, I made my first decorated cake. It was 2 tiers of French Vanilla cake with Buttercream Icing. It tasted really good and didn't look too badly either! I really need to practice on my writing though. :) Cake decorating is a lot of work - it took me 3.5 hours from start to finish! Plus, I made brownies, too! I took a picture of the cake with my phone...so you can't really tell what the designs on top are.... ooops.

How was ya'lls weekend?
Edited to Add: I made the Buttercream Icing - even the blue icing. That jar that you see has stiff consistency icing that I used to secure the cake to the board. So, yes I had a powdered sugar mess all over my kitchen :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thank God For Trucks

Well, yesterday was one of THOSE days. Seriously.

I left work due to some personal issues.

Then later on that evening, hubs and I decide to drive over to the walking trails to have a little stroll. While sitting at a red light, I hear tires screeching on the pavement. I looked around to see who was about to get plowed...when we get hit. That's right, we were sitting in traffic at a stop light and got hit by a car that was going around 40 mph. We're fine and the other car occupants are fine.

I wont go into details nor show the pictures just yet. I'm going to wait till everything is over and complete. I will say that our 2010 Toyota Tundra took it like a champ and the only thing messed up is the back bumper. The Nissan Maxima that hit us - not so much. I'm pretty sure their vehicle is totaled - their air bags even deployed.

This morning hubs and I are just super sore. God was definitely protecting us yesterday.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

FF 5k Race Recap

Remember how I haven't really ran in about 6 or 7 weeks? Remember how I signed up for a 5k this past weekend? Yeah, about that....

It sucked.

I guess I'll elaborate...

The race started at 7:30am and it was a balmy 76 degrees with humidity somewhere around 68%. Ugh.

Mile 1- started off decent. I thought, okay, a little slower than usual but still not too bad.

Mile 2- I'm still running with my friend which is a good sign.

Mile 3 - Told my friend to go on. I was exhausted, hot, and thirsty. Plus, the last mile was a slow incline.

.1 - Thank God, I can see the finish line!

So, here are my splits from my Garmin (from memory). The official race results are gun timed, so I'm not even going to go look at the results.

Mile 1 - 10:54
Mile 2 - 11:28
Mile 3 - 13:29 - um, ouch!
.12 - 10:24 pace

My Garmin time - 37:09. Ew.

So, I've signed up for another 5k that is on the 17th. It's a new course and a race I've never ran before, but I decided that I should do another one because this one sucked so bad. I might even train a little bit for this one. Maybe.

I hope ya'll did better in your races this weekend than I did!

BTW, the winner of the race came in at 13:36 - seriously! 2nd place was a 13:43! And, yes, I think they were both born in Kenya, but live in AR. The race had a $1000 purse for 1st place.