Monday, July 28, 2008

...Dog Days of Summer...

So, remember how I wanted to go to the lake this weekend? Well, hubs goes to charge the battery for the boat and it wont charge. So, we take the battery to Wal-Mart to "check" it and the guy at the automotive counter was just hilarious! Apparently he was just covering for someone who was on break and he normally works in the Sporting Goods department - the poor guy had no clue how anything worked in automotive. He took our battery and put it in the "checker thing" and put the leads to the battery and just kinda stared at. Then he kept looking at us and pounding his chest saying "I got you, man. Don't worry, I got you." LOL Anyways, long story short...30 minutes later we walked out with a new battery.

We then went out to eat at Larry's Pizza. I'm not sure if this is a huge chain or just something in central Arkansas, but just in case you've never heard of it before... You find yourself a seat, a plate, and a drink and sit and wait while the servers "parade" around with pizza. They come by your booth/table and announce what kind of pizza they have and if you want some of it, you just stop them... Anyways, the pizza there is very good - they have all kinds of different pizza. My personal favorites from there are chicken fajita and cheeseburger (the fajita pizza has salsa on it - instead of sauce, and the cheeseburger has mustard and pickles and such!! mmmm!). Anyways, if you ever have the chance to go to Larry's it!

Anyways, later that night we decided to rent a few movies. We got Jumper (love it! rent it!), Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins (GREAT movie!), Fool's Gold (eh, I fell asleep), and Definitely, Maybe (another great movie!!). So, while we're watching one of the movies, my dad calls. They went to Branson this weekend and left one of my brothers in charge of watching Jackson their Jack Russell. Now, my brother will be 20 next week - you'd think he could watch a dog, right? WRONG! So, my dad calls me, asks if I know where my brother is...blah, blah, blah... Let's just say that I ended up taking the dog Saturday and he spent the night with us!! It wasn't that big of a deal - we've watched him before and he's a very well behaved dog - especially for a hyper Jack Russell!

So, Saturday... I go pick up Jackson.. and leave Christopher to waxing the boat - don't ask, but the boat must be waxed before taking it out... I thought this would be a quick thing..WRONG! He wasn't done till around 4pm and he had started at like 9am! Anyways, needless to say, we didn't go the lake on Saturday.

Sunday, after we took Jackson back around noon, we decided that it was FINALLY lake time. We head out to the lake, put the boat in, and get right past the Buoys and the boat "siren" starts buzzing. Seems that the motor isn't doing something's starting to smoke! You can imagine my disappointment! LOL Anyways, we turn the boat off... Christopher tries to figure out what's going on.. and we decide to restart the boat and head back to the dock...only it wont start! So we used the trolling motor to get back to the dock..then when it came to loading the boat on the trailer..we had to get out of the boat and PUSH the boat back onto the trailer!!! Mind you that this is a big ski boat!! A practically NEW ski boat! ugh! Anyways, we got back onto the dad came over.. and they decided that the water pump in the motor is out... A job that will take them about 6-8 hours and a part that will cost around $150. Double Ugh. So.. in a nutshell.. that was my weekend.