Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weight Loss Speaker & Hubs Of The Year

At my running clinic last night, we had a speaker. One that I've never heard of, but now I'm reading all of his articles online. His name is Dr. Jerry Mayo. His online website is here. He's an Associate Professor at Hendrix, a private college here.

This man is amazing. He's an IronMan finisher (which is crazy in itself) and he teaches about health, weight loss, and other sports nutrition info. He's even written a book and gives tips to the Biggest Loser Club (yes the one on tv)!

Anywho, I wanted to share his link with you - he has some really interesting articles and info. online. If you have interest in that type of thing (weight loss, nutrition, etc) then you should definitely head over to his site. It's got some great info on it.

Different topic... I just wanted to share what a great husband I have. I don't do this very often and he doesn't read this (I don't think) but, I really do have a great one. He's in training all this week for some new product. His training is in LR, which means he has to get up earlier than he's used to and his training lasts 10 hours a day - so he's getting home later too. Well, since I had my running clinic last night, I knew that we probably wouldn't get to see each other much before it was time to go to bed. Well, since we had a speaker last night, the clinic didn't end till 8pm (30 minutes later than usual). He called me, because he was worried! He normally doesn't call me - he knows I'll call him, but because it was later than usual, he called. Then, when I made it home, he said to check the microwave for a surprise - there were Chick-fil-a nuggets in it!! Then, he said to check the freezer - a Chick-fil-a Cookies N Cream Shake! Yum!! I thought it was really sweet that he got me something to eat and then a little dessert, too!! So, hubs, if you ARE reading this... I love you and thanks for being so sweet!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Look At These Babies!!

Good Morning!! It's Thursday!! Yay! Less than 48 hours till the weekend!!

I don't have anything to blog about really... I really need to do that purse post... It'll come soon, I promise - and you'll be amazed at what all my purse carries!!

I've been browsing the net the past few days looking at running shorts.. and I found these little babies..
Seriously, these are super cute. I have a pair of solid black ones...but these are so bright and lovely!! And, they have the little built-in undies that I just love!! For the record, I do wear undies with these, but having them built-in too - helps with them not riding up - in my opinion. Also, side note.. if you have issues with your shorts riding up and causing chaffing - I use this stuff called Glide - it looks like a stick of deodorant, but it goes on clear...and is made especially for chaffing.. and works awesome! Just a little freebie for ya!!
Tonight we're running at the track again - I can't wait!! Hope it doesn't rain!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Taxes, Motorcycles, And Twilight

Friday - Hubs got off of work a little early and we went and got our taxes done - thank gosh we don't owe moolah! I was convinced we would, but thankfully we don't!! I was so excited that I actually gave our tax lady a hug - don't worry, I've used her for about three years now, so she knows me!! Then, we headed to a few 4 wheeler dealerships.. I want a 4 wheeler - we had one but sold it to get a bigger one...but then never bought that bigger one... Hubs had to almost drag me out of the dealerships - I want another one so bad!! But, he finally convinced me that we don't have room in our garage (with a ski boat, huge riding lawnmower, and a motorcycle in it)...so no 4 wheeler for me. Anyways, we then drove into LR and ate with his dad, step-mom, and niece at Carinos - super yummy! And then headed off to Sherwood to their house...where I fell asleep in my FIL's huge recliner!! I'm the life of the party, I tell ya!

Saturday - We got up early, only to find it was raining... So we headed to Staples and Best Buy to PC shop for our niece's 11th birthday! Yes, she's a tad spoiled...and yes she got a PC (from us and her grandma, we split it). Then, we took a longgg much needed nap and then headed to Benton for her birthday party! Hubs put her PC together and we finally got her DSL working in her room ...and about 4 hours later, we went home to crash!!

Some pictures from 2007:

Sunday - We went motorcycle riding with one of our friend's J. We rode from Cway to Petit Jean and then to Gbrier...and back to Cway. We had dinner at Chili's and then went grocery shopping...and then.. We watched Twilight!!! I must say, I was a tad disappointed with the movie, but I usually am when I read the book before watching a movie. Hubs actually liked the movie though and wanted to know when the next one came out!! How fun! Anyways, I got to be late so I'm super tired!!

Tonight is our running clinic and we're running on the track! I'm super excited about that - no loose gravel or pine needles to fall on!! Maybe, I'll improve some tonight - I'll be sure not to eat any salsa before hand! Hope Monday is treating ya'll well!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Green Tuesday!!

Yippee, today is St. Patty's Day! Are you wearing your green? No? Me either. I don't own a green dressy shirt. Boo.
Well, Dad's tests came back good! He doesn't have anything wrong with him (that we know of) - which is a huge blessing! He was having tests done because he had very low white blood cells - which Google says is Cancer. But, we all know, we should never Google things like that. Just scares the bee-jebus out of ya for no good reason! Anyways, Dad is good and thanks for the thoughts and prayers! I love you guys!!!!
I ran awesome last night! The best I've done in a very long time! My pace is still not where I want it to be, but it is definitely improving! I think it helped last night that I had my sister there pushing me along - and I was pushing her at times too! Me and my sister (picture below) usually run together (the same pace), but the last few times she has brought a friend, so I've just been letting them do their own thing. Teenagers. LOL Anyways, we ran great AND she brought back my 4th Twilight book (whatever it's called)! So, I started it last night - only to get to page 2. LOL

Isn't she darling??
Anywho, enjoy your St. Patty's Day - stay away from the Green Beer - it's POISON!!! LOL jk

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Recap With Pictures!

So, it's very rare that I post pictures - not because I don't love them, but because I never have any of them! And, these were stolen from my friend's facebook page...because my camera was in the car! LOL

Friday night - we went out to eat at Coltons..rented some movies... the end

Saturday - took hubs to his massage - btw, Indulgences is a fab place. Hubs went in for his massage and I took a seat and began reading magazines...Well, one of the ladies walked up and asked if I'd like to sit in the massage chair while hubs got his massage... Sure! So, I sat in a big, comfy, massaging chair in the back, while reading magazines! Cool, huh? I'd definitely recommend that place. It was really nice, clean, and friendly.

Then, we headed over to Shogun's. Really love that place. Afterwards, the 7 of us headed to a very crowded downtown to the FS and then SF. We had a blast. Here are a few pictures.

J had a few to drink. :)


Hubs & I - he has funny eyes for some reason....
Anyways, as you can tell... we went off of Lent for a night. Bad, I know. But, we're back on now.. And, side note... going to bed at 2am and then waking with a hangover - not.fun. We're not 19 anymore kids!! LOL
Sunday - we got up, checked out of our room, then headed home. Stopped by Taco Bueno (for some hangover grub) and then took longggg naps... proceeded by a homemade pizza...and more naps! I didn't even get out to go grocery shopping yesterday!! So, I shall go after work today! LOL But, I did do some laundry, dishes, and vacuum! That counts for something right??
Also...note... there were more people there than what's pictured...We just don't have pictures of them to prove it! LOL
All in all, it was a great weekend and hubs had a great Birthday Bash!!
Oh...and guess what?! Originally we decided that there would be no Mexico Vaca this year...but that's changed!! Details later!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Can't Keep A Secret To Save My Life

Seriously, I can't. As a kid, I was always the girl who would coerce the secrets out of my friends and then run around on the playground spreading the rumor of who liked who. Yes, I was that kid.

Fast forward to now. I (along with one of hub's coworkers) have been planning a surprise birthday outing for my husband and I've been able to keep my mouth shut for almost two weeks, when it happened. I told my husband about the outing last night. Yes, I did.

Here's what happened....

I got the bright idea (a few weeks ago) to surprise my husband with something special for his birthday. Now, my hubs is one of those men who enjoy a good massage - from a pro. I love this about him. I'd never had a pro massage until we went to Mexico the first time. And to be honest, the idea of someone rubbing all over me kinda freaked me out. But, once I experienced it, I was in love. So, now, hubs and I go get massages every few months. Anyways, moving forward, I thought that I should book him a massage for his birthday weekend. Then, I started thinking... What if I got some of his friends together for a dinner...and drinks downtown... oh, maybe I should rent a hotel room so that we don't have to drive all the way home late at night.

So... I facebooked one of his co-workers and got the plan together. I booked his massage in a ritzy place (seen here), booked a hotel, and sent out emails/calls to his friends. I kept my mouth shut for a good week or more. And then, when Wednesday came around (his birthday), I laid out a birthday card that morning (before I left for work), then surprised him with an ice cream cake and some clothes (yes, I bought my man clothes)! Well, he wanted to know what else he was getting for his birthday. Yes, what else.

So, I told him about the massage. He said "what else." I said that I couldn't tell him, it was a surprise. Mistake #1. Long story short. He bugged me last night and even threatened to go hide in the deer woods all day Saturday - if I didn't tell him "what else." So, I spilled my guts. I told him we would be going downtown and we had a room. The, he asked if anyone else would be coming with us. I was a deer in the headlights. I just smiled a big, cheesy grin and said "noooooo." I couldn't help it. I had no control over my facial muscles. None. He just started laughing at me and said "You couldn't tell a lie if you're life depended on it." Nope, I can't. That's been established several times before. I suck at lying and keeping secrets.

So, for his birthday weekend, he will be getting a massage, we'll be heading to dinner at Shogun's with his friends and coworkers, then going downtown for drinks (btw, he got a freebie - we both gave up alcohol for lent), and then back to our room. Sounds fun, right? I'll take pictures.

I could never be a government official nor an FBI agent. LOL

In other "news".... my dad has been feeling bad and went to the doctor the other day (something he never does) and it's been noted that he has low white blood cells. So, on Monday, they're going to run tests on him at the hospital. So, let's hope and pray those tests go well.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Vet Called...

and Bear has heart worms, too. Yes, it's a sad day (or week) in the household. So, now what? We're going to get Bear started up soon on his treatments and get little Rocky checked out too, just in case. He's been up to date on all of his stuff, so I'm hoping he's okay. As for Duke, the Vet said that he doesn't act like he's in any pain and that we can wait a little while before making our decision. My thoughts are, that we do Bear's treatment (since he doesn't have to have surgery too), keep monitoring Duke (make sure he regains his weight back that he's lost), and then after Bear is done, see what we should do with Duke - assuming there is still no pain, etc.

The Vet seems to think that we might be able to treat Duke and him make it through - might. So, honestly, we don't want to treat him, then have him pass away on us... And since Bear is the more healthy of the two, then we'll start with Bear first. We don't want to put Duke down and if he's okay and pain-free for now, then well, I guess maybe we get to keep him around for longer? Oh, gosh, I don't know. None of this is making much sense. I'm going to talk it over again with my parents and hubs... Because my heart is over riding my head right now.

On to other "news"... it's warming up here, finally. And tonight is my running night! I'm a tad excited to see how I'll do now that the air is warm - cold air and my lungs hate each other. So, maybe I'll do really awesome tonight.

And lastly, please please do not think we're bad pet owners or bad doggie parents! This whole mess just breaks my heart and I'm just at a loss. I feel horrible and I have no idea what we're suppose to do. I'm praying for Guidance.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Doctor Said....

that I need to use Rogaine, wear support hose, pop some Xanax, and that I was fat last year!!! LOL No joke!

I had my "annual" yesterday (TMI, I know) and I asked her why my hair was falling out... Her answer - hormones, more than likely. She said the Yasmin was suppose to help, but that Rogaine would be a good idea...

She noticed my legs were swollen pretty good...and said that due to poor circulation and vein issues, support hose should be worn..to avoid bulging veins later on in life. Nice.

I asked her about some anxiety meds and she asked if I wanted some Xanax! I said no, that THAT made me pass out (sleep) and I didn't need something that strong... I have no idea what she faxed in, but it will be on my door step in about two weeks I guess!

And... at my Dr's office, they take your picture, so that when you come in, they can make sure you are the real you - identity theft problems - well, when I checked in, the receptionist said "WOW, you've lost some real weight since last year. You really look good!" Um, to everyone reading this... I've lost some fat, gained some muscle, but I didn't think I looked too different. Maybe a tad thinner. Maybe. But, according to her, you'd thought I weighed 300lbs last year. Nice. And just for the record, I'm a pound heavier than last year. LOL

You could say I'm in a better mood than yesterday, so far. Sorry about the rant, but it needed to come out. I've found a new thing this morning (new for me)... It's Christian radio. I've never listened to it before. My new fave - Sara Groves. Google her!

I should find out from the Vet today on Bear. Here's to praying that everything's okay, even though I know they're probably not.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Update On Our Doggies

We took Bear to the Vet on Saturday.. They did all the tests and came to the conclusion that Bear may have heartworms as well. No, I'm not kidding. The test resembles a pregnancy test, except they use blood instead of urine... The control spot came up and then there is a faint spot for the heartworm part of the test. So, they took some more blood (poor Bear) and have sent it off to the makers of the test and we'll know a for-sure answer by Wednesday.

So, please pray that Bear is okay and that the test was a false-positive!

Also, we've decided that we'll be putting Duke down. It breaks my heart and I cannot even look at the poor guy without crying, but I know it's probably best. They can't tell us if he'd live through his surgery and treatment, so we decided not to put the poor guy through it. :(

I've also decided that there will be no more new pets for quite a while. I've never actually lost a pet - other than my dad telling me they ran away - and my heart just can't take it.