Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Road Trip Pictures!

So, as promised.. our Branson Road Trip pictures... Bass Pro Shop..go-cart track..wax museum, and the "natural bridge" - a waste of $8.

The reason for our trip...

Go-Kart Track

Some Scary Man
I have no idea - but they're funny!
The Fonz!
hubs & The GodFather

Me & The GodFather
The King!
I rock this pose... ha.
The Matrix


Johnny Carson - we're tight!
Life is like a box of chocolates...
The Natural Bridge Sign... Cl, AR
The $8 rip off.

Birthday Pictures!

So, as promised here are SOME of the pictures taken from my birthday... These are just from the L R Zoo - I'm not gonna post the ones from On The Border or the bowling...as they are awful!! :) Enjoy!

Me, Kissing a Monkey.
A Baby Monkey and Momma.
A Giraffe!
Two Cute Monkeys!
Shy Orangatang. (sp)
Swinging Monkey.

Above: Look at those teeth! Below: Us outside the zoo.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Road Trip!

Let me just say that we had a GREAT weekend! A much needed, great weekend. I picked hubs up at the airport on Friday - for those who didn't know, my husband was in SF for a WEEK!! It was miserable, but it's over now! Anyways, Saturday we were just lounging around and he said that we should go to Bass Pro... I immediately say okay - I'm definitely always up for a road trip! So, as I throw some clothes in the washer/dryer and take a shower, he books us a room at The Grand Victorian in Branson. Little did either of us know before...Branson has a Bass Pro, too! Although - much smaller than the Springfield one.

Anyways, we left our house at 2pm and arrived in Branson around 4 something! We checked in our room, then off to Bass Pro we went! We got some really cute clothes for our niece, nephew, and cousin (camo stuff). AND I got a new winter jacket! It's a Columbia (never had one of those before) and my hubbie even picked it out and insisted that I get it! I've had my current winter jacket for 4 years now and it was time for a new one! Anyways, we then went to Olive Garden and had dinner... After that, we rode some go-carts and played some arcade games and pool!

Sunday morning, we got up and ate some breakfast and then went to the Hollywood Wax Museum! After leaving there, we headed back home, but stopped in Cli to see the "Natural Bridge." Let me just say - worst $8 ever spent! It's a rock! Ugh! Some bridge! Anyways, we continued home and when we arrived back to Cway, we decided we should go see a movie - Lakeview Terrace. All in all, a good movie -with a sucky ending. That's all I'll say.

So, as you can read, we had a busy and FUN weekend! I'll post pictures from my b-day weekend and this past weekend when I get a chance tonight!! Some great pictures coming up!

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Birthday Weekend

So, this weekend was my birthday weekend...and to make the blog a tad shorter..I'm going to use bullets!
  • Friday night, my hubbie went and got my bday presents... I raided his truck as soon as he got home! I got 2 pairs of slippers! One were a pair of bright yellow, fuzzy ducky slippers and the second was a pair of ladybug slippers - the antennas bounce when you walk! He also got me a NICE giftcard to my favorite store - Maurices!! We then went out to eat at McAlister's (sp?) - a little bland, but I couldn't taste anyways - being sick sucks!
  • Saturday morning, I got up and ran 7 miles with our running group - with a FEVER!! I was determined not to miss this Saturday's run - sick or not - so I sucked it up and ran it - in my worst time ever... But hey, I'm still proud of myself!
  • After the run, I took a mini-nap and my awesome husband got me some much needed breakfast from Sonic! It was my birthday - and the eating rules don't apply!!
  • After I cleaned up, we headed over to the LR Zoo and met his mom and her friend there. I love the zoo! I absolutely love the monkeys and giraffes! I took a ton of pictures - but my camera is currently in SF and I wont have it back till Friday. So.. I'll post them sometime this weekend!
  • After 3 hours at the zoo, we headed over to On The Border - one of my favorite mexican restaurants! I had a huge margarita, ate lots of food, even tried some new stuff, and at the end - took two tequila shots! THOSE were my husbands idea!! But, props to me, the waiter said I was "Awesome" because I can do shots like a pro - must be due to those sorority days!! ha! Also, while there, I got presents from my MIL and her friend - the DVD "Maid of Honor" (really cute movie btw), another Maurices gift card, and this stuff!! I have never heard of that "stuff" before, and we've yet to try it out - but everyone else around here has heard of it and wants to know where to buy it! Ha!
  • And so.. after eating, we went bowling at Millennium. I love bowling! We played two very long games, in which I lost both, but I had a blast anyways (pictures soon to follow this weekend). I also enjoyed some Mr Bud Light as well... Tally for the night, one huge margarita, 2 tequila shots, and 3 beer - not bad, not bad. And no praying time with the porcelain gods. Score one for me! ha! jk
  • And last but not least, Sunday. I had to get up and take hubbie to the airport. More on that later. Then I spent all day in bed - with the exception of feeding the dogs, and getting more meds at Wal-Mart... I was running a fever and felt like poo. I barely managed a shower - although the water did not touch my head. I did however, catch some much needed Zzz's and watch some really neat shows on TLC.
Thankfully, today my fever is gone - well, I may have a small one... and I'm beginning to feel better. Yay.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Enjoy Running In Hurricanes

As many of you know, I'm training for a half marathon (Oct 25th). This past Tuesday our running group was scheduled to meet for our short run (4 miles). Well, you'd think that with the downpour of rain (from our lovely friend Gustav) and nice little wind gusts, that we'd cancel... Oh no! Not us! I think we're the most dedicated little group I've ever seen! I thought about going to my parents and running on their treadmill, but the thought of 4 miles on a treadmill makes me sick to my stomach - I just wouldn't be able to stand it. So, I met up with the rest of the group and ran in the pouring rain!!! I was drenched by the time we finished! Cars honked, people waved, and I've heard a story about a nice SUV purposely splashing some of our runners!! It was pure craziness to be out there, but it was soo nice! I've been slowly improving my time and Tuesday was no exception!! So, I can now say that "I've ran in a hurricane" (kinda).

On another note... I turn 27 in 16 days (Sept 20th). I put it on my calendar here at work and every time I see it, I just don't believe that it's MY birthday. I mean, 27 year olds are suppose to be old and have kids! Right? Apparently, thats just something stuck in my head. I still can't get over it. I'll be 30 in 3 years...30. Geez. But, on a brighter and more positive note... this past weekend my sister and I went to a water park..and these guys ended up carrying our tube (it's a 4 person tube, up a hill, and up to flights of steps...it was harmless, just nice)... While waiting in line for the water ride, they start flirting with my sister...and then said something to the effect of "We saw yall and thought blah blah blah, look at those friends..." ...that's when I said, "No, we're sisters." (seriously, just making conversation.. I mean they were all of 21, maybe.) and so anyways, they asked what school we went to (ha, really funny...my sister is a SR in HS)... and I made a comment like "um no school, graduated long time ago" and they said "well we meant college" ... again "really long time ago..."... Can I just say, my sister and I are TEN years apart... I had no makeup on, but still... that was a nice comment.. for someone to say that I look younger than I am... I'll take it! I'm gonna be lovin' that when I'm 50!