Friday, March 4, 2011

Food On Friday

So, you'll notice that we had Taco Bueno for dinner on Monday.  That's what 10 hour days and a house showing will do to your dinner!  :)  But, 1857 isn't THAT horrible... it could've been worse!

Tuesday, I didn't do all that bad.  You'll notice that I've started adding 100 calorie packs into the rotation.  I went to Sam's and got a jumbo box of 100 calorie snacks. :)  For dinner, I had sketti.  Mmmm, sketti.

Then on Thursday I wanted to eat EVERYTHING IN SIGHT.  Seriously, I was so so so hungry all day long.  I tried to remain somewhat good though.  You'll notice the Hardee's Fries... the hubs got those for me and I had a very small serving of sketti with that.  Yes, sketti and fries - my kind of dinner!  ha!

I know all of that is kinda boring and ya'll don't really care about what I eat.  But, I wanted to show ya'll that I do eat bad things and that I'm normal (at least by my standards, ha).

Edited to Include:  I *usually* leave dinner off of these, because I don't have the info with me when I'm completing these.  I *usually* make Weight Watcher meals or grilled chicken, etc.  I try to keep dinner less than 600 calories.  Therefore, I'm shooting for 1200-1300 calories per day.  Do not be worried that you are only seeing 647 calories :) I just didn't put dinner on there.  One day I promise to actually write it all down as I'm adding it to the skillet and show ya'll my dinner cals as well. 

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Josey said...

How many calories are you shooting for per day right now? Since you said you ate sketti Tues/Thurs and they aren't in the chart above I'm assuming it wasn't complete and you're getting more than 647/day - especially with all of the running it looks like you're doing. I look forward to following your journey!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Curse that damn Hardee fry. LOL.