Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Musings

We had a very jam packed weekend!  As always, Mondays are crazy for me, so I'm going with bullets...

  • Friday night, we went out to eat at Larry's Pizza.  That's kind of our tradition on Friday nights.  I also gave hubs his birthday presents.  I got him a workout shirt, a massage that's booked for this weekend, and two birthday cards (one is from the dogs). 
  • Saturday morning I ran a little over 2 miles around the neighborhood while hubs went to the gym.  Then we met my side of the family and headed over to Oaklawn (horse races).  There we met hub's side of the family, too.  We all had a very good time.  The best time yet actually.  My dad said it was a proud moment when he taught me how to bet - the lingo and all.  I was placing mine and hub's bets all day.  I even won on my first bet!  $24!  By the end of the day, my siblings had placed multiple bets - so my dad was extra excited because he "had all the kids gambling."  LOL 
  • Then about 5:15 we left and drove back into LR and had dinner at Olive Garden. 
  • Sunday morning I finished up the house work and went grocery shopping.  Then we met hub's dad and stepmom at Carinos for dinner. 
So, as you can tell, we had a busy weekend that was full of eating out!  That's what happens when your spouse turns 30!  You celebrate by eating out! ha!  Tonight we have the run clinic and I'm super excited to get out and run.  I did a few sprints up a nice incline Saturday morning - I'm loving speed work right now. 

And last but not least, I bought this book this morning....  I'm pretty excited!  It will be here Wednesday!

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Annie said...

sounds like such a fun weekend!!!
i'm jealous you got to have olive garden ;) i've been craving it for weeks now! i must have it soon!

Anonymous said...

Very full indeed! So glad you guys had a great weekend! Detox time! I love Olive Garden!

lindsay said...

Horse racing! I don't know the lingo and I definitely never win... Mmm and Johnny carinos. So AR must be like KY!