Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Am I Dreaming??

If you're friends with me on FB, then you already know that our midterm exams were handed back last night. I was one very happy girl. I made a 97% on the midterm and it was the highest grade in the class. Matter of fact, I'm not sure that there were any other A's in the class. Yes, you read that correctly. Yours truly made the highest grade and a 97%! I'm still in shock. I honestly asked the guy who sits beside me (a graduate from Vanderbilt) if this was the test or the practice test that we had done. I just couldn't believe that I made such a high grade.

Sunday night, I had a dream that I received a 100% on the test and I woke up happy at first, but then disappointed because it was just a dream. Honestly, there were so many things that I knew he'd pick at, but apparently I was being too hard on myself. :) I'd like to think of my dream as God telling me to not worry. I feel so happy and so proud of myself. I'm pretty sure that the only other time that I've made this good of grade on a test was in my high school Chemistry class.

Also to be noted... the professor embarrassed me. He was handing back some of our homework and made a comment about how mine was 3 pages long and everyone else had turned in 1 page. He kept on about how my answers were detailed and didn't leave anything to question, blah blah blah. I was proud but yet wanted him to shut up. He also said that he'd like me to email him a copy of my homework because I had "model answers." I made a 98% on the homework he handed back. So far, the only things that I've made less than A on were the 2 quizzes. Yay! We'll see how I do on this next assignment - that is HUGE, btw. Ugh.

Anyways, tonight's plans include....tanning, maybe stopping by to purchase some jeans, making dinner, finishing the trimming of the bushes in the front yard (I actually love doing this!!!!), homework, and bike riding. I'm exhausted already! Seriously, I stopped by and got a LARGE Diet Coke this morning! ha!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Over...

I took my midterm exam last night. Let me just say that I'm glad that it's over, but so very mad at myself for making 2 very stupid mistakes. Mistakes that had I not been so stressed out and a nervous wreck - I would've never ever missed. Ugh.

So, how did I do? Well, that depends on how he wants to grade. Meaning, I did make some mistakes. Some were very small and I think only deserves to have 1 pt taken off, but knowing him, he might take 5pts off. Like, I used the words "discrete numbers" instead of "variables" in one of my definitions. I wonder how he'll take that. Plus, in one of my long equations we had to write out, I put a tiny negative sign where there shouldn't be one. The last time I did that on a quiz, he only took off 1pt...so I'm hoping he does the same on the test. Stupid negative sign.

Then... the TRIMMEAN function... Oh how I hate math... At the beginning of the test, we weren't told we could use our computers. So, I was doing math using a pencil and paper. Well, that never goes well for me. About half way through the test, he tells us that we can use our PCs. So, I checked my GEOMEAN function math, but never went back and checked my TRIMMEAN math. Stupid mistake on my part. So, I'll see a big fat X there. Other than those mistakes, I only made one other mistake (that I know of). So, depending on how he grades... I could've made a B or a C. Guess we'll see!

Now, thank God, Spring Break has started for me! No school until March 29th! Yes! So, after work, I can hit the gym and run the trails! YAY!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Everybody Walk The Dinosaur!

This weekend was busy to say the least.... Sorry, this is a tad long...

Friday night, hubs and I dropped off his truck to get the Rhino Liner sprayed in (my gift to him) and then went over to the Sporty Runner and bought (much needed) new running shoes. But, what I was most excited about was my new "13.1" sticker! YAY! We saw them on the counter and hubs saw my reaction and of course we bought one! Yes! I've never put any type of sticker on any of my vehicles before (unless it was a parking decal), so this is a big step for me!! But, I assure you, it will be the ONLY sticker I ever put on my vehicle!

Afterwards, we went out to eat at Fridays and then we went home to where I crashed on the couch. I hate being sick - it sucks the energy right out of ya!

Saturday, I felt like I had been ran over by a car...so I stayed on the couch till around 2pm drinking orange juice (except for taking hubs to get his truck). Hubs had went out biking 20 miles in the fierce wind while I napped and watched HGtv and TLC. :) Around 3pm, I started getting ready for our night out on the town for his birthday.

We picked up my parents and met the rest of our family at Red Lobster - where I tried a bite of crab legs - GROSS!!! After eating, we headed to Willy D's Piano Bar. It was hubs, myself, and my parents. My parents had never been there, but they really enjoyed it. They did all kinds of older songs from the 80's (some older) and we saw people who "walked the dinosaur" LOL! We stayed there till around midnight, then headed over to the Flying Saucer. After a few rounds of beer, we headed home. But, not before being pursued by some scary looking crazy man who wanted us to help him break into a car.... Um, no thanks! I drove us home, dodging the crazy drunk who decided to go 40 mph, swerving on the interstate!

Sunday, we slept in till 11 and then I went grocery shopping while hubs went for a run. I still felt like death warmed over, so there was NO way I was going to go running. Then, we met his parents at 6pm at Carinos for dinner. So...that's our weekend in a nutshell!

Today... I'm working a half day, then going home to hit the books for my midterm tonight! I've been studying like crazy all week and I knew that this weekend there wouldn't be enough time...so I scheduled a half day to study today. I'm bustin out of here at 10am! Wish me luck on my midterm!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Probability of What?!

Well, class last night went pretty well.  We finally got one of our homework assignments back.  I made a 94%!  He took off 5 points because I said it was a "factor" instead of "psychological factor" and then I used the word "monetary" instead of "numerical" which led to another point being taken off.  Oh well.  Then, we got our quiz from last week back.  Ugh, we made a 68%.  Boooo. 

So far, that's a 94% on Homework I, 84% Quiz I, and a 68% on Quiz II.  But, the good thing is, I did really well on last night's quiz.  I know that I had to make atleast an A.  Honestly, I don't think I got anything wrong, but I'm sure he can find something wrong with one of my answers!

I'm so sleepy this morning... I didn't sleep well last night due to a fever, being hot and cold, and dreaming about the probability of getting a whitewash fence in farmville.  I kid you not.  Probability gives me nightmares (literally) and I've been trying to get enough whitewash fences for my farm to box the cows in.... LOL 

I came home early from class last night (he let us go at 8:30!!!) and hubs had cleaned the entire kitchen, put away the clean dishes, and started the dishwasher!  Awwww!  :)  Made my night!

Hope everyone has a grand Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Extra, Extra!

Sometimes I feel like I don't share enough pictures. So, here's a picture. :) This was taken Saturday night at the bowling alley. We were there celebrating some friend's 30th Birthdays. Of course, this is myself and hubs. After the bowling alley, we went over to Carinos and enjoyed some Italian Creme Sodas and the best Turtle Cheesecake ever. Yum.

Last night in class, we had another lovely quiz. Even though I know we didn't do just great on the quiz, I still feel somewhat at ease with it. The reason being, I knew more on this quiz than I did the last quiz. Also, I knew the formula for one of the correct answers, but the group didn't agree...so we changed it. Well, I ended up being right and although I'm sure we'll get 10 points knocked off for answering it wrong, I'm at ease because I knew the correct answer. Strange, I know. Anyways, class actually went better too. It was one of my easiest times in class yet. I was actually able to fully understand (without any doubts) the lecture. Thank God for those rare nights. Also...I am doing a butt load of extra credit - I'm still fighting my way through to try to get that A. I sent in another correction to a handout yet again this morning. Yay for me.

Anyways, nothing really new going on... I started a health challenge at work. I'm on a team and we're competing for money... We'll see how that goes! Also, the WCR clinics started last night and although I don't get to attend Monday nights due to class, I'm very excited that I'll get to be there on Thursday nights! I'll be running with the Intermediate group if things go right. :)

Now, a burning question.... Since I'm doing a lot of extra credit for this class, does this make me look like a teacher's pet? I don't think anyone else is doing the extra credit. I'm really just trying my best to make the best grade possible, but I feel like I'm trying to be a teacher's pet. That thought is driving me insane. Also, I'm not doing every chance of extra credit - just the one's that I know, without a doubt, how to do.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Prayers Please

Normally I'd post about this weekend and how great it was, but today, I'm asking you to say a few prayers.

  • My friend and coworker, Todd, has been in the hospital for a few days now. Please pray that God heals him soon and he's able to go home and return to a normal life.
  • My friends and sorority sisters, Kelly and Lindsay, lost their father a few months back and then last week lost their mother as well. Please pray for these girls and their family. They're going to need a lot of strength to get through all of this.
  • Another sorority sister, Robin, lost her father this weekend. It was very unexpected and sudden. Please pray for her family as they struggle with his death.
Thank you! I truly believe in the power of prayer!
I'll update you on life as usual tomorrow.