Thursday, June 9, 2011

3 Things Thursday

  1. Yesterday I received recognition for my 5 year work anniversary.  I'd show you a picture of my plaque-like certificate, but then you'd know where I work and have my last name.  ha!
  2. I'm still trying to cut down on the dairy products.  I'm doing very well and my stomach has been feeling SO much better.  I made a discovery though.  While talking to my stepmom about this, she mentioned that a friend's daughter has the same issues and they've noticed that white cheeses usually don't hurt her stomach.  It's something about the type of milk they're made out of.  This would help explain why pizza doesn't bother my stomach - it's made with Mozzarella, which usually is still made with cow's milk (I believe) but it's usually like 2% milk.  Anyways, after this discovery, I've been able to eat Mozzarella cheese and be okay.  However, I used some cheddar cheese we had to make enchiladas and my stomach hates me this morning.  And seriously, it wasn't even that much cheddar cheese.  Ugh.
  3. I bribed myself into going to work this morning.  I know I've said it a billion times, but the 10 hr days are getting old.  So, I stopped by Sonic and got a Route 44 Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero.  I will make it through this week with my sanity still in possession.

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Holly @ Rust Belt Runner said...

I have heard the same about goat cheeses. Folks who are lactose intolerant can sometimes eat them with no problems, or lesser problems.

lindsay said...

Happy 5 yrs! I just had mine last month myself :)

I'm sure the cheese thing just depends on the person. My friend is lactose-intolerant but feta (goat) is ok. At least you cn still have some cheese!

jordy liz said...

i have a dairy allergy that affects my ears/head/sinuses but only when i drink straight milk. so, i've switched to soy for the last year. however... cheese doesn't affect me at all. i've learned that when milk turns to cheese it loses a lot of proteins that were in the milk, so if you're allergic to any of those specific proteins, you'll be fine with cheese.

good luck with that! i know it's not fun. :(

Christina said...

Good luck with your cheese mystery.

And Thank goodness for Sonic and their Route 44 anything. I love mine!