Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 Things Thursday

  1. I have gained 7 pounds in the last week and a half.  Can we say stress eater?  I knew what I was doing and I was/am so disgusted with the way I feel and look right now.  The good thing is, I started eating better on Tuesday and I'm already down 5 pounds.  With that being said, I really want to get back to my happy weight.  Which, right now, is 9 pounds away.  I just gotta keep myself accountable!
  2. One of the things that I'm going to miss about our current home is all of the rabbits around our neighborhood.  I've become a tad obsessed with looking for them hopping around in the mornings and late in the evenings.  Can you tell I love animals?
  3. Remember the 34 mile bike ride the hubs and I are signed up for?  That's this weekend.  I'm going to pick up our packets this afternoon.  However, we will not be doing the race.  I really, really hate that.  If I sign up for something, I always do it.  But this time, life got in the way.  We've been spending our evenings after work meeting with the realtor to do the paperwork that goes with selling our house and buying a new one, walking through the new house, packing, looking for things that we'll need for the new house such as tv mounts, new towels, etc.  Then, there's all the OT that I'm working (still 10 hour days) and then just the usual life errands... All of this has gotten in the way (or made a really great excuse) of our training.  Sure, we could still bike the 34 miles, but neither of us wants to come in last or have a horrible time or experience.  We both would like to do this the right way.  That being said - we'll be doing another bike race sometime within the next year!

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teacherwoman said...

Sometimes life just gets in the way!

Anonymous said...

7 lbs? 5 lbs? Whoa! That seems like a lot of fluctuation. I guess it depends on each person. For me that would be a lot.

I'm guessing some of it could be water weight too?

Bummer on the race. Maybe you get some good swag in the bag at least. Give the shirt to Goodwill. LOL.

WannabeRunner said...

I'm a stress eater, too. But it sounds like some of it might just be water weight. It sounds like you know what you have to do to get it under control & i'm sure you'll be at your happy weight in no time!

Christina said...

I'm a stress eater too and I also eat when I am happy.