Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Weekend

This weekend was definitely a busy one!  Since it's Monday and it seems I'm already behind, I'm using bullets.

  • Friday night we had our usual "date night" at Larry's Pizza and then watched our DVR'd shows.  We also did a load of laundry for my parents since their dryer is out of commission.
  • Saturday morning, I did my 9 mile group training run.  I felt wonderful - for once!  Yay!!
  • After a nap and some laundry, we started packing our bag for our overnight stay at The Peabody!
  • We met my MIL and friend there, checked in, and then headed over to Shogun's to meet the rest of the crew for dinner.  BTW, we were out celebrating my MIL's birthday.
  • After dinner, we headed over to a dueling piano bar for some entertainment and drinks!  After a few hours, we headed over to The Flying Saucer for some more drinks!
  • We closed down The Flying Saucer (1 am) and then headed over to our room - it was within walking distance to the downtown bars.
  • We woke up around 9am and showered.  Around 11am, we went to see the ducks (it's a Peabody thing).
  • Afterwards, we checked out of our room and headed over to the Olive Garden for some lunch.  We then parted ways.
  • For the rest of Sunday, we spent our time taking naps and then I did a little laundry and the week's grocery shopping.
  • And now it's Monday....which means work, school, and I finally get to see what I made on my Economics midterm.  Yikes!  Fingers crossed!
  • Btw, one last note... They were sold out of the Latte singles I posted about last week, so this week I'm trying something different.  It's called Hills Bros. Cappuccino Mix - I used milk instead of water and it's wonderful!  YUM!

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Lorrie said...

What a fabulous sounding weekend. I am staying at the Peabody this Friday before the Race for the Cure. Maybe we will hit up the piano bar. I forgot how fun it can be!

Amanda said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I have never stayed at the Peabody but really want to soon. I love the Piano Bars and Saucer, but don't make it out there too much these days.