Friday, October 8, 2010

3rd Strike

You're out McDonald's!  OUT! 

So, we all remembered what happened last week right?  If not, go find last Friday's post...I'm too lazy to link it.  :)

Well, I decided to give McDonald's another chance.  As I'm driving up to the place, I notice the outside sign is not turned on.  That's not unusual since my McD's can't get it together most mornings and remember to turn on their light.  So, I drive up to the lit-up drive thru sign and sit.  And wait.  And wait.  3 minutes go by and nobody talks to me.  So, I drive off and come back around.  Why?  I have no idea.  But that's what I did.

Now, there are two vehicles in front of me.  Waiting.  And Waiting.  I check my clock again.  Yep, they should be open.  I get frustrated.  I get out of the drive thru line and I park.  I walk up to the doors.  They're locked.  Locked!  There are workers standing at the counter looking at me.  Pulling on the locked doors.  Locked.

So, I'm really ticked off by this point.  I hop in my Tahoe and drive over to Burger King (I know..but it's the only place near by...).  Their lights are OFF.  OFF.  They're suppose to be open by this point as well.  But, unlike McD's, there are NO people inside staring at the customer's driving off.  So, I decided that there must be something strange going on that I was unaware of and I decide to go to the McDonald's in the next town on my way into work.

I get off the interstate at the next town and their McDonald's is hoppin.  Great, atleast they're open and serving people!  So, I wait in their drive thru line FOREVER and finally order.  I make it to the 2nd window and I hear the guy scream back to his co-workers, "How do I make a Latte?!"  Great.  Wonderful.  Awesome.  I've driven all over hades for my Friday Latte and Breakfast Burritos (Yes, I'm doing what I want with capitalization.) and dude doesn't know how to make a latte.  Awesome.

So, as I sit and watch him (horrified) trying to make a Latte, I know at this point I'm gonna be late to work.  I'm NEVER late to work - EVER.  Awesome.  I get my Latte wannabe and ask the guy for some mild sauce.  He hands me ONE packet.  Um, can I have one more please.  Sure.  Awesome, I'm on the road. 

I take a drink of my "Latte" and want to spit it out.  It's disgusting.  I have no idea what he gave me or what he made, but it wasn't a Latte.  Awesome.  I then go searching for my hashbrown - to get the yucky taste out of my mouth that the Latte left.  The hashbrown is BURNT beyond repair.  Awesome.

I get to work 10 minutes late, throw my "Latte" away and peel the stickers off for the Monopoly game.  I won an Angus wrap.  Awesome.  Except.  I think those are the most disgusting looking wraps on earth.  I've never tried one.  I never will.  So internet peeps, I have a sticker for a free Angus Wrap from McDonald's if you want one.  We all know that I'm done for McDonald's for a very long time.

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Larissa said...

I've had the same thing happen to me but at Sonic. So I now have ban myself from ever going back there...I hope your day turns around.

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like not such a great way to start your friday morning! Hope the rest of your day goes well!

Holly said...

UGH. Ok this is why I stick to Starbucks. I rather cough up the extra dough then deal with crap like that. Jeeze!!

BTW if you get a Starbucks card, you can register it online and get free syrup. So you can get a small latte there for less than $3 usually with flavored syrup ... do I have a taker?? (Thats the Indiana price at least).

Val said...

I am a HUGE fan of McDonald's. (I know, I know, ew.) I've never had them screw up a meal, or a drink (cause I only order iced tea there), but I hear people all the time talk about their horrible experiences with them.

Instead of a "get well" wish, I'm sending you a "get better day" wish. :-)

Jessi said...

aah man, that stinks! Hope your day got better and you have a wonderful weekend!!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

What a bummer! Those Angus Wraps scare me too. Hope your day gets better!!

lindsay said...

lol - sorry! but that's funny :) i mean, i know it SUCKS to not have your food after you order it but it's funny to look back on. i've never even heard of an angus wrap... i try to avoid mcd's/it's competition as much as possible.