Thursday, October 21, 2010

Half Marathon Weather

So, we've all done this, right?  It's the week of your {insert race here} and you start checking the weather forecast every single hour on the hour to see if it's changed.  I know I'm not alone here....

This Saturday's forecast has changed a little bit, but not to my delight.  This was the forecast as of Wednesday. 

Let's see.  It's October - almost November - and yet the high will be 80 with a low of 64?!  Hello?!  Last year when I did this race it was 40something degrees when we started!  Don't even get me started on the 40% chance of rain!  Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I have enough going against me for this race - let's not add the weather to that list! 

Dear running & weather gods,
Please, let's drop the temperature by about 10 degrees, make the humidity go away, and move the rain off by a few hours.  Also, let me run with ease like a gazelle.  That's not too much to ask, right?
With Love {and some hate},

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Lisa said...

Like they can't control the weather. Hope you have a good run at any temp!

Dawn said...

YAY! I found you, thanks for the help. That is right, the Soaring Wings is coming up this weekend. Well up here in Fayetteville they are saying it is going to rain in the early morning hours then hopefully stop during the football game which is 11ish to 3ish. So I am not sure if that means that the early morning rain that is scheduled to get here around 3AMish will head your way about race time or if it will head a different direction. Let's hope for a different direction. Best of luck! You will do GREAT!

Lisa said...

It rained lightly during my half last Sunday and I loved it. However when I crossed the finish line it really came down and that was no bueno because it was windy too.

Good luck this weekend. Can't wait to read about it!

arsenalfamily said...

Bummer that it is so hot! I know what you is in the 80's here. What happened to happy fall running? I pray for GREAT weather!!!