Friday, August 27, 2010

Please Tell Me...

Yesterday I had to go to the textbook store to return some books - they had sold me the wrong ones. As I was waiting in the never ending line, I overheard a couple of freshmen.

It went something like this:

Girl: "I have nothing in my fridge to drink. No water, no nothing."

Guy: "Do you have a cup to get some out of the faucet?"

Girl: "Nope. Nothing."

Guy: "Sounds like you should go to Wal-Mart. Do you have any stain remover?"

Girl: "Yes! I have stain remover. Why?"

Guy: Points to white canvas shoes. "Awesome. I got some of my popsicle on my shoes. I need stain remover."

Girl: "Well, I have some!! We'll get that stain out. So, are you ready for the party this weekend?"

Guy: "Yeah! But, if I act stupid are you going to call my mom?"

Girl: "No. That's what college is ALL about - keeping everything on the DL."

Guy: "What does "DL" mean?"

Girl: "Dog leash. Duh."

Guy: "Oh okay. That makes sense."

OH.MY.WORD. Please tell me that I wasn't this ...stupid when I was a freshman! Seriously?! College is all about keeping things on the DL?! You're afraid your friend will call your mom?! And since when does DL mean Dog Leash?! And you dripped your popsicle on your shoe? You poor thing.....

Wow. I feel old.

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