Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cabbage Rolls

Yes, this looks gross because the bacon isn't done. :)
3 pounds ground beef
1 pound ground pork
3 heads of cabbage
2 family size cans of Tomato Soup
salt, pepper, garlic salt
3 cups cooked rice
2 eggs
2 strips of bacon or more, for seasoning.

  1. Cook rice and cabbage and set aside. (You can cook the cabbage in the microwave.)

  2. Take pork and beef and mix together (we used our hands).

  3. Add eggs, rice, salt, pepper, garlic salt, and 2 tablespoons of soup.

  4. Take a huge pot and put half a can of tomato soup to cover the bottom of the pot.

  5. Take the leaves off of the head of cabbage until you come to the part where it's hard to get the leaves off. That part you can later fry or boil. :)

  6. Take a single leaf and put a small palm size amount of the meat mixture in the leaf.

  7. Wrap the leaf like a burrito and place opening down into the pot. Keep going until you run out of the meat mixture.

  8. Add water and tomato soup until almost all of the cabbage rolls are covered.

  9. Add two strips of bacon over the top and put the lid on the pot.

  10. Cook about 1.5-2 hours - you want the water mixture to be slightly boiling. Check the top roll; if the meat is done in that roll, then the whole pot should be done.
This recipe was given to my grammy by her neighbor in St Louis back in the 60's. Our family loves this dish and we kid that any boyfriend/girlfriend who doesn't like it, obviously isn't a keeper. She was right about my exhusband for sure! And, yes, hubs loves this dish! Btw, it's not the healthiest in the world either and it is very time consuming! Hope you enjoy it!

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