Monday, August 16, 2010

Mumbo Jumbo

It's a crazy Monday morning, so I'm gonna do a quick bullet style post!
  • I worked 7-4 on Saturday, while hubs painted.
  • My dad went into the ER Saturday for heat exhaustion and dehydration. He works inside a factory that has no air conditioning and the actual temperature here has been over 100 F degrees. Add about 10 more degrees to that and you have the actual temp. for the factory, then factor in the humidity. It's no wonder he's sick. After getting 2 bags of fluids, some medicine, and spending about 3 or so hours in the ER, he's doing a little better, but he's still sick. Please pray he gets better and that fall comes soon.
  • I found a bath mat that matches the shower curtain. Yay!
  • We have one more wall to paint and then we are finished painting!
  • The yard work is mostly done! We have curb appeal! ha!
  • Tonight will be spent finishing steam cleaning the carpets, painting that wall, and taking things to storage.
  • Hubs and I are both beyond exhausted and Wednesday can not come soon enough!
  • We looked at more houses and still haven't found the one.
  • I'm behind on Half Marathon training due to the house stuff, but I'm getting back on track this week.
  • Grad School starts back NEXT WEEK. Holy crap.
  • I received my notification about Jury Duty. Lovely. I'll be in "orientation" on my Birthday. Wow.


Lisa said...

I'm sorry about your dad. Prayers his way...

Dawn Smith (Bee and Rose) said...

Sending your day lots of prayers and get well wishes:)

You have motivated me to get moving on doing some decorating around here!

Good luck with the house hunting!

Marlene said...

Very scary about your Dad! I hope he is back to 100% soon... those are some crazy conditions to work in!

Tamara Nicole said...

Good luck with everything, isn't home rennovation fun?! Lol but it's worth it:-)

Leah B. said...

Sorry about your dad! I hope he's feeling better soon.
Glad you finally found a matching bath mat :)
And Jury Duty?? That stinks on your bday!!

lindsay said...

woo jury duty. a party!

hope your dad is back to 100% soon! scary, but glad he is ok!