Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Hair Cut, Our Boys, And A Bug

So, this will be a really random I just wanted to share some pictures with ya!
As I blogged earlier this week, I got my hair cut... Not a lot of change, just shorter. This is usually as short as I will ever go - I have too big of a forehead and ears to go shorter! Notice the change in my hair color - it's lighter... I haven't done anything to it - just the summer getting to my hair! :) My hubbie had to take like twenty pictures (not joking) before I found one I liked...Notice I'm sportin' a Hogs shirt as always. :)

Here are some recent pictures of "our boys"...Rocky, Bear, and Duke! I was able to get these pictures while they were trying their best to get in the house - muddy paws and all!

And last.. as I was pulling weeds out of the flowerbed... we found this bug.. Christopher called it a "leaf bug." I know it kind of looks like a praying mantis - but it's really not. I couldn't get a great picture due to the glare from the sun...but it really does look like a green leaf. Sad thing is, later as I was spraying some weed spray...I think I accidently killed its baby .. I really, really didn't mean to and as soon as I saw him, I stopped spraying, but sadly it was too late. I teared up the rest of the night. We did move him from the area that was sprayed - in hopes that he would survive... but the baby didn't.

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amy (metz) walker said...

Cute hair! I went last week to get my highlights done and wouldn't let him touch the length even though I need a trim pretty bad!

Also, LOVE the pups! SO cute...the golden looks JUST like my mom's dog, Tanner.