Monday, August 4, 2008

A Stressful Few Days

Well, I just got some good news. My dad found the puppy a good home. He didn't tell me anything besides that it's going to his boss and that his boss didn't need me to buy him any puppy food. So, that must mean he has other dogs, right? This whole thing stresses me out, in case you couldn't tell. I'm a big animal lover. I hate to see animals not being loved on or cared for. It stressed me out to know that nobody wanted this cute little dog and that he was either very lost or abandoned. I had knocked on doors throughout the neighborhood and didn't get any takers...And we're the only subdivision in that area. Go about a mile and you have the freeway... So I really don't think he was lost. I think someone dropped him off. He was very clean, but hadn't been fed real well. So I'm not sure what to think. I just know that I'm super glad that my dad found a good home for him. I'm really hoping he doesn't train him to be a hunting dog, but then again, he is a beagle. Maybe he WANTS to be a hunting dog. :) Anyways, you have no idea what this has done to me emotionally. I kept asking myself and God why He sent this dog to me. I knew the answer was because He knew that I'd find him a good home and that I wouldn't just leave him there after finding him. I couldn't turn him away. God knew that I couldn't take care of him and give him the home he needs, but knew that somehow I'd get him there. Atleast, I hope that's why God sent him to me. The little thing warmed right up to me. He followed me around from the start and licked my face every chance he got. I'm sure gonna miss him, but I know that he's not my dog. He's someone else's. Someone that can give him what he needs. I know that my dad wouldn't ever let me down. He wouldn't give him to someone that he didn't trust. So, I feel a ton better knowing that he'll be okay now. He wont have to go to a shelter - which I'm not so sure I could've actually done anyways.

Just one thing though... I'm really not looking forward to saying good-bye to the little fellow this afternoon ... in about an hour and a half.

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