Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Enjoy Running In Hurricanes

As many of you know, I'm training for a half marathon (Oct 25th). This past Tuesday our running group was scheduled to meet for our short run (4 miles). Well, you'd think that with the downpour of rain (from our lovely friend Gustav) and nice little wind gusts, that we'd cancel... Oh no! Not us! I think we're the most dedicated little group I've ever seen! I thought about going to my parents and running on their treadmill, but the thought of 4 miles on a treadmill makes me sick to my stomach - I just wouldn't be able to stand it. So, I met up with the rest of the group and ran in the pouring rain!!! I was drenched by the time we finished! Cars honked, people waved, and I've heard a story about a nice SUV purposely splashing some of our runners!! It was pure craziness to be out there, but it was soo nice! I've been slowly improving my time and Tuesday was no exception!! So, I can now say that "I've ran in a hurricane" (kinda).

On another note... I turn 27 in 16 days (Sept 20th). I put it on my calendar here at work and every time I see it, I just don't believe that it's MY birthday. I mean, 27 year olds are suppose to be old and have kids! Right? Apparently, thats just something stuck in my head. I still can't get over it. I'll be 30 in 3 years...30. Geez. But, on a brighter and more positive note... this past weekend my sister and I went to a water park..and these guys ended up carrying our tube (it's a 4 person tube, up a hill, and up to flights of was harmless, just nice)... While waiting in line for the water ride, they start flirting with my sister...and then said something to the effect of "We saw yall and thought blah blah blah, look at those friends..." ...that's when I said, "No, we're sisters." (seriously, just making conversation.. I mean they were all of 21, maybe.) and so anyways, they asked what school we went to (ha, really sister is a SR in HS)... and I made a comment like "um no school, graduated long time ago" and they said "well we meant college" ... again "really long time ago..."... Can I just say, my sister and I are TEN years apart... I had no makeup on, but still... that was a nice comment.. for someone to say that I look younger than I am... I'll take it! I'm gonna be lovin' that when I'm 50!


Jennifer said...

Running in a hurricane sure sounds adventurous!!

I also turned 27 earlier this year and was like, "Whoa, I'm three years away from 30!" It's not so bad - but check with me again at year 30.

Funny story about you and your sister - guys are silly. But flattering nonetheless. It's nice to be thought we're younger than we are. I get pretty excited when I'm carded as it happens less and less these days.

Brandi said...

Girl what I wouldn't give to be 27 again!!! I'm turning 30 in December! Believe me I'm not happy about it! I'm even taking that day off from work just so I don't have to be heckled about it! So don't worry, 27 is great to me! And no worries on the kids, I don't have any kids yet either!

Oh and the younger guys, that's always nice to hear and flattering. The few times I get compliments like that, I usually pat them on the head and I'm like dear child, you have no idea I could almost be your mom! HA