Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just Some Info

So, I got a little update on the puppy (I'm obsessed, I know). The puppy's name is Roscoe and he has a blue collar. The girls had recently lost their last dog due to sickness, so Roscoe came at the perfect time and he even resembles their last dog! I'm glad he's doing well.

Today is day 2 of my 1/2 marathon training! Last night we did 2 miles...not so bad, but it was 102 outside! Add to that humidity - it wasn't pleasant! I'm not sure what the temp is outside right now, but I can guarantee that it's around the same temperature as it was last night. Tonight we're doing 3 miles...not too bad - I've ran alot of 5k's, but the thing is, I wont be able to run the entire thing - it's just too hot and I slacked too much last month. So, tonight will suck in that aspect. I don't really wanna remove myself from this recliner, cook dinner, then change and go, but I guess I should... But tomorrow is our rest day - thank goodness!!

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Valerie said...

You are a billion times more motivated than me! If I sat down there would be no getting up.