Monday, August 4, 2008

Update On The Puppy

Okay, so it wasn't but a few hours ago that I blogged about the puppy. But, my dad just came and got him and told me a lil about the new family! This family has two girls, ages 11 and 12ish, and they live on a "farm." Which probably means, that they live on a big area of land with some kind of wildlife. My dad said that the puppy will have the two little girls to play with and that he can run all he wants on the "farm." That makes my heart soar! You can only imagine how happy this makes me! I just thought I'd give a lil update! And yes, I did cry when I gave him to my dad, but we all knew that was going to happen.


The Branches said...

How did you get your "blogs I like to read" to show the time the person arrived on your blog? Is it in the settings or something? Mine doesn't do that? hmmmm

Brandi said...

Aww glad you found him a home! I was even asking my neighbors last night if they knew anyone!

Valerie said...

I'm so happy he didn't go to the pound. I can't stand the thought of that. He's so adorable too!