Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Fun

I had my Operations Management 20 minute presentation last night.  One of the requirements was to have a funny YouTube video at the end.  Well, I searched high and low and this is the video that I used.  So, enjoy!

Also, just a little life update...  Hubs has been gone for the last WEEK deer hunting and has finally returned home.  Although, it was nice to watch whatever I wanted on tv (the whole one night that I was able to watch tv) and not having to cook dinner at all, I'm glad to have him back home!  What can I say, he keeps the bed warm and he will shoot potential killers at night - ha!  I kid, I kid!  We have a security alarm that is always on, but my one fear is that someone will try to break in (a killer, ha!) while he's gone!  So, I'm glad he's back home!
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Lisa said...

There was a time when I was nervous when my Husband was travelling. Didn't sleep well. What's that noise? Is there someone outside the window? etc.

These days I have a couple big-ish dogs. I sleep pretty well now. :-)

lindsay said...

those were funny, and a youtube i hadn't seen before! good find :)

Hilary Lane said...

The fear while your husband gone is funny because I'm the same way. My "friend", which I'm sure you'll read about in my private blog is spent the weekend in Little Rock (which is close to where you are, right?), and I had a nightmare last night about someone breaking in and stealing all my stuff while I was asleep. I was too scared to go stop them because my pepper spray was in the other bedroom and I didn't have a weapon! I never have those kind of nightmares unless I'm home alone. I'd much rather have them when there's someone else there, but it never works that way!