Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Running Madness!

All things running associated are running through my head right now. I had my last training run last night and it went ...differently. We had 4 miles map'd out and the first mile I ran way too fast because I was so darn excited. How fast? 10:57. That's fast for me. After that, things went a little south. The run felt hard, my legs felt dead tired, and my heart just wasn't in it. But, you wouldn't have known that by my overall pace - 12:18 (I think). That's a tad quicker than I usually run! So, on paper, the run looks pretty well, though I know how hard it felt! I'm chalking it up to tired legs and from just being plain worn out myself.

Aside from that, I woke up in the middle of the night last night feeling a pain in my shin. Uh oh. So, I have plans of icing and resting that baby tonight. No worries since it doesn't actually hurt to walk and I'm not even thinking of sprinting across the parking lot to see how it feels. No worries, right?

Now, onto socks. I've been running in dry wick (is that right?) socks that have compression around the arch. I love those socks. They are thin, cheap, and I've used them for 2 years now. They hold up really well. Everything was fine till this past Saturday. 10.5 miles did a number on my feet. Blisters? Yes. Lucky for me, they didn't pop (ew) or anything and they're not bothering me as of right now. But, my thoughts are...should I try a thicker sock this Saturday or just stick with these and deal with the blisters? Or what about that mole skin stuff; does that stuff work?? Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Then, the thoughts on Gatorade - or any type of drink or gel with electrolytes in it... Gatorade and I don't get along. In training, I've drank normal ole water, but now I'm wondering - should I have something with electrolytes in it? I take Gu, but Gu doesn't have the elects in it does it? Oh what to do, what to do... So, I need input please!

Now, goals. Goals:

  • Goal A: to finish.
  • Goal B: to finish under 3 hours.
  • Goal C: to finish at 2:45 or under.
I know I can complete Goal A. I'm pretty darn sure I can do Goal B. Now, Goal C? It's going to be a close call!
For those of you who are interested...I'll be posting my racing outfit on Friday (Photo Friday)!


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Hi Shannon!

First, I just wanted to say that I've been meaning to stop by your blog for awhile but the link would never work properly for me!

On the blisters front - OUCH. I haven't got blisters since I FIRST started running and I wear those same dry-wick socks as you. So I'm not sure where yours came from. Were your shoes too loose?

Moleskin would be your best bet. For me, my feet always get SO sweaty so any kind of bandaid - even a "waterproof" blister one - falls off. But moleskin seems to stay on the best.

I *think* that GU DOES have electrolytes in it, but I'm not sure. My last half I took two full GU's and drank water at every second water station - it worked REALLY well for me!

Good luck, I just added your blog to my GR so I won't miss anymore updates :-)


Lisa said...

I have the socks with arch support and I love them. I tend to like a thicker sock and I have some Under Armor socks that I got at TJ Maxx and also some Adidas that I got at Costco. I like the Adidas better because they fit more snug. Never had a blister so can't help there.

I don't care for Gatorade type drinks... to sweet for me. I read in different blogs about all the options out there and I don't think I could do Gu since I have texture issues but when I get to the point of needing to refuel I'll probably do the Sport Beans or try the Shot Bloks. I may also try eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (cut into squares) as several bloggers that I follow do that and it seems to work for them.

Thanks for you helpful comment on my blog. I think I'm going to find a new doctor and get a referral to a cardiologist.

Lisa said...

p.s. I forgot to say that I'm pretty sure the sport beans have electrolytes in them. Jelly Belly makes them and they come on all different kinds of flavors. Think I've seen Power Bar beans too.

Amanda said...

Hmmm...not sure exactly what the best thing to do is since you don't have any more long runs to try things out on. I would say maybe try thicker socks and toss a thin pair in your fuel belt if you're using one. I think GU has electrolytes in it, but i could be wrong. I would just hesitate to try any beans/gels/drinks on race day that you haven't already tried.

xxxxx said...

i can tell you are getting sooo excited!!! wooohoooo!!

re: electrolytes...i found these things called 'sharkies' that are gummy sharks that are SO FRICKIN' yummy and they contain a butt load of electrolytes. just a thought!

can't wait to see your fabulous running outfit on friday!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

sounds like you're doing great! i unfortunately have no advice for you, so I'll be interested in any that you get! good luck, you're going to do great!

Lindsey said...

I hope your chin feels better soon!!

Jessica's Journey said...

I will second the Body Glide...You can get it at Sporty Runner. Looks like a tub of deoderant.

As for socks I use Wright socks which is a double layer sock, you can also purchase that at Sporty Runner.

I have drank tons of elctrolyte drinks and by far I like Advocare the best. You can order it online. Rehydrate is the name of it.

GOOD LUCK. Don't be worried on the time. More than likely you'll finish before 3 hours for sure!

Also, have you been practicing in your running outfit? Make sure nothing rides or sticks or rubs?

Q, La, and Gooner said...

Moleskin ALL THE WAY. I love that stuff. You will do better with that than changing mid stride here!

Lisa said...

i've been lucky to only have blisters a few times ever. but i'd be afraid to try new socks that you've never run in. body glide is a better answer, in my opinion.

also, i carried my own stuff on race day so i could hydrate with the stame stuff that i trained with. I don't do well with gatorade and have had good luck wtih accelerade and nuun. but...again, i wouldn't try something different on race day.

have a great race!!!!!!

Wearing Mascara said...

Hi! I just found your blog through Prone to Wander. I'm a runner too! I know what you mean about water v. Gatorade. I can never figure out if something is better than water.

Rebecca Louise. said...

I hope the blisters go away before the run! As long as you keep hydrated with something I am sure you will be okay :) x