Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Post Race Thoughts

I guess now would be the time to share my post-race thoughts. I'm going to make this short and sweet (my lunch is waiting on me) and use bullets. We love bullets, right?
  • I do not enjoy ice baths (random, but I had to throw that out there).
  • My ITB is still a little tight and sore-ish.
  • I've decided that I love the distance of 13.1 (ok, actually anything past 10 miles I loathe).
  • I am FOR SURE doing that race again next year - hands down the best time I've ever had.
  • I'm pretty sure the feeling of doing the Half beat out the feeling on my college graduation day. So.Not.Kidding.
  • My parents bought me a cool card and gift (Willow Tree Figurine) for finishing. Score!
  • I'm unsure if I want to pursue the Half coming up in March (30 mins from my house). I kind of want my life back for a little bit longer and did I mention that I'm not a fan of running in cold weather? Not.A.Fan.
  • I'm thinking that I'll keep running (of course!) and take a few yoga and spin classes at the fitness center. You know, since I pay for it and all. Plus, my appetite is still majorly present and it's showing no sign of going away any time soon.
  • I'm mailing my grad school application next week. Reminds me...I need to write my essay pronto. Random.
  • I'm SO making a shadow box of my medal, bib number, and a few pictures (assuming my sister ever posts or emails them).
  • Did I mention that I love Half Marathons? Seriously, it's like I tasted chocolate for the first time. Yum.

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