Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Set In Stone

It is finally set in stone that we will be closing on our new house June 20th!  So what does this mean?

We'll be closing on our old house that morning, closing on our new house that afternoon, and moving that day!  The only things we have left to do at this point (at our current home) is install a new backdoor, have a new piece of glass put in one of our windows (it's cracked), and replace the vent on the dryer thing outside.  Plus, the new homeowners on our current home need to get the appraisal scheduled.  As far as our new house, everything is done except the fence which will be built before we move in at some point. 

All that being said, I'm so excited!  YAY! 

Looks like we need to finish packing!  We have only 3 more weekends!
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Aishlea and Brandon said...

You will have a busy few weeks!! :)

Jennifer said...

Congrats on closing on your house! Great news! Have fun packing and such! (o;

Anonymous said...

See you've read the Hunger Games series. Didn't you just love them? I thought they were great and am looking forward to the movies.

lindsay said...

Woo hoo! 19 days to go :) that's gonna be a busy day

Amanda said...

Congratulations! Very exciting news :D