Friday, May 27, 2011

Mish Mash!

This was taken this morning.  Isn't that just adorable?!

Also this morning, I bought my first ever Groupon.  I bought the hubs & I massages at a place in Maumelle (the town we're moving to) for $20 a piece.  But, wait, it gets better!  I had a Groupon Coupon (say that 3 times fast!) that was $20 off. So, I only paid $20 for two 30 minute massages!  Um, score!  Groupon always has great deals, but I was kind of afraid to use it, because I had no idea how it really worked.  But I couldn't pass up that deal!  Ya'll it was so easy to use and I can't wait to use those massages after we move! 

I hope everyone has a great 3 day weekend!  We have two BBQs to attend and some awesome family time coming up! 

*No, I was not contacted by Groupon.  I'm just really, really excited.

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WannabeRunner said...

Awww cuddling puppies, love it! :)

Enjoy your massage!

Amanda said...

Really really cute spooning picture!

Have a fantastic weekend :)

ms. mindless said...

Ooh, you're moving to Maumelle? I've heard that is the best place to live in the whole state. Cool!