Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Musings

Thanks for all the support on yesterday's post!  Ya'll really came through with excitement for us! 

Now, for just some random stuff...
  • Tonight is my Org Behavior class.  This class takes a ton of prep time and I'm not fully prepared for it.  I'm close though - I think.
  • My teacher seems easy to get along with.  He expects a lot out of you, but at the same time he seems laid back.  We'll refer to him as Dr. H.
  • Tomorrow is weigh-in #2.  I hate to report this, but I'm not sure if I've lost anything.  We ate really badly for dinner Thursday-Saturday.  Yikes.  I've been pretty much on track on the other meals and since then though.  I've been riding my bike trainer alot, too.  So we'll see.
  • Speaking of eating badly... I have "reasons" for it.  We were very busy with house stuff.  We're putting our house back on the market.  Our original plans were to be done this past Monday, but that didn't happen.  We're shooting for this next week.  I'll post pictures once it's on the market again.
  • Of course that means we're house hunting again, too.  Let's hope that when we find "The One" this time that our house sells quickly thereafter.  That's what stopped our purchase in October - our house wasn't getting much traffic.  Boooo housing market boooooo!

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Annie said...

I hope all goes well with the house hunting and that your house gets a lot more traffic this time around! :)