Thursday, January 13, 2011

His Name Wasn't Mickey

Warning:  This post is gross.

I've debated about sharing this, but I guess if I can't be real and share it all, then who can I be??

Back story...

There is a field and creek that runs behind our privacy fence.  Inside our privacy fence is where we keep our two dogs.  Every now and then we'll find dead field mice in our backyard due to the dogs.  Here recently, we had to move the dogs inside because of the below freezing temps. 

Our dryer vent is in the backyard.  The dogs have chewed the vent cover off, so it's just an open dryer vent.  You can see where I'm going with this....


Hubs was home for lunch (thank goodness!) and he heard a sound coming from our laundry room.  He thought he heard something the other day, but I thought he was crazy.  Well, yesterday he decided to take a further look.  When he moved the dryer back, he found a mouse or...RAT!  So, he did what any sane person would do... He shot it with a BB Gun.  *sigh*  Well, that only injured the rodent.  The rodent then hid in a little spot under our dryer where hubs couldn't see him.  Well, hubs thought that maybe he crawled back in the hose and ran outside. 

So, he left for Home Depot to get a new dryer hose and vent cover.  When he came back home, he saw the rodent in our hallway!  The moment the rat saw him, he took off running (the best he could, he was injured).  Well, hubs got the BB Gun again and shot him a second time.  This time, the rat died.  He then sent me two pictures (I'm only sharing the least gross one.  You can thank me later.).  And yes, that is blood that you see.  Not to worry, it's been disinfected, swiffered, and disinfected again.  Trust me!!

After almost 3 hours of messing with it all, we now have a dryer vent cover, a new hose, and a dead rat.  I'm so so so so glad that the hubs was home.  Can you imagine what I would've done if I saw a rat in our house?!  I'll give you a hint, you might've seen me running and screaming down the street!
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Brandi said...

Ugh I am terrified of mice and rats and just seeing that picture gives me chills! I would have passed out!!!

lindsay said...

OMG. First of all - hilarious that hubs used a BB gun. Twice. At least he didn't shoot holes in the wall? So so gross though. I would have freaked and refused to ever do laundry again.

WannabeRunner said...

Ack!! You know, i just watched a Hoarders last night where the man lived with TWO THOUSAND rats. Two. Thousand.