Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stress Level = High

I've decided that next semester I'm only taking 1 graduate class.  Ever since making that decision, I can't wait for next semester.  LOL

I don't know what I was thinking taking 2 classes while working full time.  I seriously have never been this busy or stressed in my life.

We have a test in my Econ class next Monday.  He gave us our very first homework assignment and made it due the night of the test.  Um, how does this make sense?  Don't you think we should go over the homework before taking a test over the material?  Seriously, most of the class is lost.  It's not the economics part that's got us, it's the Calculus.  Yes, Calculus.  Yikes. 

The more questions you ask him, the more generic his answers get.  I seriously got more pissed off the longer I sat in class last night.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry last night when I left class.  That's the same thing another girl said as she was walking out as well.  So, I bet you can guess what I'll be doing the rest of this week and the weekend....If you said studying my butt off, then you're correct!  That is, after I do my homework for my other class.  :(

Btw, this teacher is now known as the teacher from Hell....and here I thought last semester's teacher was bad!  This one is in a whole other category!

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Aishlea and Brandon said...

I worked full time and took 2 grad classes for almost 3 semesters to get my hours to sit for the CPA exam. TERRIBLE. I was in a horrible mood the entire time and completely stressed out. I sympathize...and hope it gets better!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I hear ya lady... working full time and two classes is kicking my ass too. If only I could just NOT work and go to school full time! That is what I really want.