Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Joining A Sorority

A few of us in Florida for Spring Break 2001. The best Spring Break that I've ever had!

If you ask me what's the best thing I did in college (besides going to class and graduating), my answer would definitely be - joining a sorority - joining Tri-Sigma.
I know some people say that you're paying for your friends, but honestly, you're not. You're paying dues just like you would for any other organization you would join. You're paying for the decorations and food for the mixers, the rent on the room or house that you have your meetings in, the cute t-shirts, etc. You don't pay for your friends - you pay for what you and your friends do. And, even if you DID pay for you friends, I'd definitely pay for these ladies.

The only ladies that I keep in contact with these days.... the ladies that I call when I have news, that I forward crazy emails to, that I call when I need a Girls Night Out, that I want to celebrate my birthday with... are the ladies that were in that room - my sorority sisters. Other friends that I had in college or at previous jobs - I'm not even sure where they are now, but my sisters - these girls are forever. I can't describe the bonds that were formed in that room. But, I know that without a doubt, if I ever need anything - those girls are there - and they have been. They've been there in many, many ways - through the good times and the bad.

I also wanted to say this... I was one of those girls who knew that I wasn't the typical "sorority girl." Now, I did go to my fair share of parties at frat houses - there's no denying that. But, I wasn't the kind of girl that you see portrayed in movies or on tv. My sorority was a bunch of normal girls - girls who liked playing intramurals, who liked to shop, who liked to watch tv with her friends in her dorm room, who liked eating out at the sandwich shop with her girlfriends, who made midnight runs to Taco Bell, who liked to talk trash about their ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend. We were very normal girls.

If you're thinking of joining a sorority - definitely look into it. It was one of the best decisions that I ever made. I went to a fairly large school and it was nice to know that no matter what class I was in - I was going to know someone due to the Greek system. There was always going to be someone in that room who I met at a frat party, a mixer, a Greek Week festivity, at Rush, etc. It makes that first day of school nerves totally vanish.

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