Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Speed Work

First things first... As promised, here is a picture of our new ride. It's a 2010 Toyota Tundra which we have nicknamed "The Black Beast" (my Tahoe is known as The Beast).

Yesterday was the "official" Half Marathon Training Day 1. It called for just 2 miles (it's the shortest run of the week). So after hubs got home from work, we changed into our running gear and headed out to the running trail. It was a scorching 93 degrees and I have no idea how high the humidity was, but it was definitely out in full force.

While stretching hubs asks when we're gonna do some speed work. I said, well we can turn our Monday's into speed work days since they're just short runs anyways. So he asked if I wanted to start today. "Um, well, we're not at a track." is what I replied, but he didn't seem to care. So, we improvised and made our own speed work plan.

We ran the 2.3 miles, running 1 minute for as fast as we can and walking 2 minutes at a good pace (which later turned into a crawl). I definitely gave it my all! By the way, hubs can run ALOT faster than me. My fastest pace was 7:48. (Remember, I'm not as fast as you speed demons, but thus the reason for the speed work.) Anywho, I really felt myself pushing further and reaching down deep. I was usually able to hold somewhere between an 8 & 9 minute pace, but towards the end, I was holding a 9 - 10 minute pace. Not extremely bad for my first speed work session. Next Monday, we'll definitely be hitting up the track to do it the correct way!

Tonight's run calls for 3 miles. I'll definitely FOR SURE have my splits to report tomorrow. :) Happy Tuesday all!

P.S. Never get to the point of frustration with your hair, that you decide to get it cut at the Wal-Mart Salon. That's a whole other post. But to my defense, my hair lady is hard to get into and I didn't want to wait. ha.


Morgan said...

Great job improvising on the speedwork. I should've tried that! :)

lindsay said...

sweet new truck! those are really nice, my fiance has one - i let him drive more often :)

great job on the short run, esp in 93 degrees! i would have nixed the speed personally - too hot! way to tough it out.

Brandi said...

Love the truck! NICE!!!

Good job being it was horrible outside yesterday! I actually dread today with this heat and humidity! And it's only supposed to go up as the week goes on! Lovely!!! See you tonight!!!

B.o.B. said...

Oooh girl. Stay away from the wal-mart hair cuts.

Great job on the speedwork. It's so important. You'll be flying in no time. I think 7:45 is pretty damn fast too!

Lindsey said...

Love the truck!!!

xxxxx said...

Love the new wheels!

Great job with your speed work. Very cool! Can't wait to see how the rest goes!

Jeri said...

great job on your speedwork. awesome that you and the hubs are training together. :)

Marlene said...

Nothing like some impromptu speed work on a Monday night! Great job.

Marlene said...

Nothing like some impromptu speed work on a Monday night! Great job.