Friday, July 17, 2009

Mid-Life Crisis

I'm having a mid-life crisis. I've always laughed at people who said they were going through a mid-life crisis, but now, I know what they were talking about.
I'm not exactly sure how it's happened. Maybe it's due to the recent event that I was turned down for a job that I really wanted. Maybe it's due to the annoying intern that recently left to go to Grad School in another state. Or maybe, I was just headed this way all along.
I'm bored with my current position. Just plain bored. I've been doing the same job for 3 years now. I know that's not a long time, but I'm one of those people who, if they're not learning something new or feel challenged, they're ready for something new.
So, I've been sitting here for the last week or so wondering what it is I want to do with the rest of my life. A few options have come up. I could go to Pharmacy School - which is a total career change for me. I've always wanted to do something in the medical field, but with my queezy stomach and fear of needles and blood, I knew this was not really an option.... Until I heard about Pharmacy School. Yes, they have to learn how to give shots and such, but for only about a week. I could handle that.
So, what would Pharmacy School take? I'd have to take 6 undergraduate classes (since my degree is a Bachelor of Business and not a Bachelor of Science). Then, I'd have to take test. And then, I'd have to entail 4 long years of going to school full time (18 & 19 hour semesters) and pay around $5,000 per semester. This means I wouldn't be able to work. While hubs said that this is still an option, I have veto'd it out. It's no longer an option.
Second... I could go back and get my Masters. Which, is something I've wanted to do for the past few years. It would only take 10 classes and I'd be done. Only problem with this is... What would I do with my Masters? It's not like that would automatically give me a new and exciting job. Plus, I'd still get bored after a certain amount of time, I'm sure.
So, that 2nd option is on the back burner. Option #3... Find a new job. Well, given the state of the economy, that's a tad difficult. Plus, I love the company I work for now. Only problem is, they don't have any openings. Also, why would I leave a secure job where I make a nice chunk of change at...and go to something that may be less secure? Yeah. Not a good option either.
So, I'm stuck. Plain and simple. Plus, add in there, the whole.. "I want to have a child before I turn 30" thing.. That makes things a little more difficult too, when you're thinking of going back to school. There's no way I could go to school full time, work full time, and raise a child. Or for that matter, go to school part time...
So.. anyone have any suggestions?


xxxxx said...

I am sooo right there with you on wanting to leave a job if I'm not challenged or no way of moving up. Ugh. It sucks. I'm actually in that situation right now. I decided to go back to school in the fall for something completely different than what I do now (I'm a paralegal and I'm going back for computers). And to top that off, we want to have our 2nd child next year. heh heh Can you tell I like a challenge? I say follow your will tell you what you should do. You just have to be patient and listen for it. It'll come. Until then, hang in there girl!

Morgan said...

You're not having a mid-life crisis, you're having a typical quarter life crisis that all late 20-something's have... you're done with school, you haven't landed that dream job, your biological clock starts ticking annoyingly loud... it all adds up. Keep weighing your options and go with what feels right. "A change will do you good!" In the meantime go cut your hair or buy a new outfit. :) LOL!

Rebecca Louise. said...

I don't have any suggestions sadly =( but one thing I agree do think and strongly believe in is if your're not happy then it is time to change...I hope you find your answer soon xxx.

jineen said...

i know how you feel sometimes:) i feel like i LOVE my job but some thigs are going on lately that aren't so great/ i am the kind of person that it seems easier to just let it be and do my stuff and move on but now i can't take it anymore. come to find out, others are fealing the same way. none of us want to leave work, we want htings there to improve. so big actions on our part had to be taken and i am sure it is going ot get worse before it gets better. that kind of stuff leaves me with a sick stomache...
cookies sound yummy! i am like that with bets as well:)
i have been off the running thing for almost 2 weeks to let my toe heal and now i am itching to get back on! i am tryig to re-vamp some things and add in a more diverse workout regimen...looking for new exercises and takes so much work and the effects are slow coming.....hope you enjoying your day!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

I love school. I'd go back. BUT, I have complete faith that you will do what you need to do!