Monday, March 23, 2009

Taxes, Motorcycles, And Twilight

Friday - Hubs got off of work a little early and we went and got our taxes done - thank gosh we don't owe moolah! I was convinced we would, but thankfully we don't!! I was so excited that I actually gave our tax lady a hug - don't worry, I've used her for about three years now, so she knows me!! Then, we headed to a few 4 wheeler dealerships.. I want a 4 wheeler - we had one but sold it to get a bigger one...but then never bought that bigger one... Hubs had to almost drag me out of the dealerships - I want another one so bad!! But, he finally convinced me that we don't have room in our garage (with a ski boat, huge riding lawnmower, and a motorcycle in it) no 4 wheeler for me. Anyways, we then drove into LR and ate with his dad, step-mom, and niece at Carinos - super yummy! And then headed off to Sherwood to their house...where I fell asleep in my FIL's huge recliner!! I'm the life of the party, I tell ya!

Saturday - We got up early, only to find it was raining... So we headed to Staples and Best Buy to PC shop for our niece's 11th birthday! Yes, she's a tad spoiled...and yes she got a PC (from us and her grandma, we split it). Then, we took a longgg much needed nap and then headed to Benton for her birthday party! Hubs put her PC together and we finally got her DSL working in her room ...and about 4 hours later, we went home to crash!!

Some pictures from 2007:

Sunday - We went motorcycle riding with one of our friend's J. We rode from Cway to Petit Jean and then to Gbrier...and back to Cway. We had dinner at Chili's and then went grocery shopping...and then.. We watched Twilight!!! I must say, I was a tad disappointed with the movie, but I usually am when I read the book before watching a movie. Hubs actually liked the movie though and wanted to know when the next one came out!! How fun! Anyways, I got to be late so I'm super tired!!

Tonight is our running clinic and we're running on the track! I'm super excited about that - no loose gravel or pine needles to fall on!! Maybe, I'll improve some tonight - I'll be sure not to eat any salsa before hand! Hope Monday is treating ya'll well!

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