Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Green Tuesday!!

Yippee, today is St. Patty's Day! Are you wearing your green? No? Me either. I don't own a green dressy shirt. Boo.
Well, Dad's tests came back good! He doesn't have anything wrong with him (that we know of) - which is a huge blessing! He was having tests done because he had very low white blood cells - which Google says is Cancer. But, we all know, we should never Google things like that. Just scares the bee-jebus out of ya for no good reason! Anyways, Dad is good and thanks for the thoughts and prayers! I love you guys!!!!
I ran awesome last night! The best I've done in a very long time! My pace is still not where I want it to be, but it is definitely improving! I think it helped last night that I had my sister there pushing me along - and I was pushing her at times too! Me and my sister (picture below) usually run together (the same pace), but the last few times she has brought a friend, so I've just been letting them do their own thing. Teenagers. LOL Anyways, we ran great AND she brought back my 4th Twilight book (whatever it's called)! So, I started it last night - only to get to page 2. LOL

Isn't she darling??
Anywho, enjoy your St. Patty's Day - stay away from the Green Beer - it's POISON!!! LOL jk

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