Friday, March 13, 2009

I Can't Keep A Secret To Save My Life

Seriously, I can't. As a kid, I was always the girl who would coerce the secrets out of my friends and then run around on the playground spreading the rumor of who liked who. Yes, I was that kid.

Fast forward to now. I (along with one of hub's coworkers) have been planning a surprise birthday outing for my husband and I've been able to keep my mouth shut for almost two weeks, when it happened. I told my husband about the outing last night. Yes, I did.

Here's what happened....

I got the bright idea (a few weeks ago) to surprise my husband with something special for his birthday. Now, my hubs is one of those men who enjoy a good massage - from a pro. I love this about him. I'd never had a pro massage until we went to Mexico the first time. And to be honest, the idea of someone rubbing all over me kinda freaked me out. But, once I experienced it, I was in love. So, now, hubs and I go get massages every few months. Anyways, moving forward, I thought that I should book him a massage for his birthday weekend. Then, I started thinking... What if I got some of his friends together for a dinner...and drinks downtown... oh, maybe I should rent a hotel room so that we don't have to drive all the way home late at night.

So... I facebooked one of his co-workers and got the plan together. I booked his massage in a ritzy place (seen here), booked a hotel, and sent out emails/calls to his friends. I kept my mouth shut for a good week or more. And then, when Wednesday came around (his birthday), I laid out a birthday card that morning (before I left for work), then surprised him with an ice cream cake and some clothes (yes, I bought my man clothes)! Well, he wanted to know what else he was getting for his birthday. Yes, what else.

So, I told him about the massage. He said "what else." I said that I couldn't tell him, it was a surprise. Mistake #1. Long story short. He bugged me last night and even threatened to go hide in the deer woods all day Saturday - if I didn't tell him "what else." So, I spilled my guts. I told him we would be going downtown and we had a room. The, he asked if anyone else would be coming with us. I was a deer in the headlights. I just smiled a big, cheesy grin and said "noooooo." I couldn't help it. I had no control over my facial muscles. None. He just started laughing at me and said "You couldn't tell a lie if you're life depended on it." Nope, I can't. That's been established several times before. I suck at lying and keeping secrets.

So, for his birthday weekend, he will be getting a massage, we'll be heading to dinner at Shogun's with his friends and coworkers, then going downtown for drinks (btw, he got a freebie - we both gave up alcohol for lent), and then back to our room. Sounds fun, right? I'll take pictures.

I could never be a government official nor an FBI agent. LOL

In other "news".... my dad has been feeling bad and went to the doctor the other day (something he never does) and it's been noted that he has low white blood cells. So, on Monday, they're going to run tests on him at the hospital. So, let's hope and pray those tests go well.


Cammie said...

that sounds like it will be SO much fun. Yeah....I cant keep a secret to save my life either.

Lacy said...

That sounds like such a fun birthday celebration! I have the same problem. I try to lie, but I can't keep a straight face! Praying for you Dad!

Mrs. Realife said...

WOW! Great Birthday for the Hubs! Good wife!

Sorry it all came out too soon!

Happy Friday!

Emma-leigh said...

Oh, that's fun! I can't keep a secret either and can't keep a straight face to save my life.. hope all goes well with dad.

WindyBug said...

I figured you'd tell. LOL.

Bethany said...

I am awful with surprises!! I try to give everyone their Christmas/Birthday presents way early too. Do you do that??

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

That sounds like sooo much fun, good job on the planning girl! It is sooo hard to keep fun things like that a secret! I want to tell soo bad because I'm so excited about it! I hope you guys have a great time! And I hope that your Dad is well too!