Monday, September 22, 2008

My Birthday Weekend

So, this weekend was my birthday weekend...and to make the blog a tad shorter..I'm going to use bullets!
  • Friday night, my hubbie went and got my bday presents... I raided his truck as soon as he got home! I got 2 pairs of slippers! One were a pair of bright yellow, fuzzy ducky slippers and the second was a pair of ladybug slippers - the antennas bounce when you walk! He also got me a NICE giftcard to my favorite store - Maurices!! We then went out to eat at McAlister's (sp?) - a little bland, but I couldn't taste anyways - being sick sucks!
  • Saturday morning, I got up and ran 7 miles with our running group - with a FEVER!! I was determined not to miss this Saturday's run - sick or not - so I sucked it up and ran it - in my worst time ever... But hey, I'm still proud of myself!
  • After the run, I took a mini-nap and my awesome husband got me some much needed breakfast from Sonic! It was my birthday - and the eating rules don't apply!!
  • After I cleaned up, we headed over to the LR Zoo and met his mom and her friend there. I love the zoo! I absolutely love the monkeys and giraffes! I took a ton of pictures - but my camera is currently in SF and I wont have it back till Friday. So.. I'll post them sometime this weekend!
  • After 3 hours at the zoo, we headed over to On The Border - one of my favorite mexican restaurants! I had a huge margarita, ate lots of food, even tried some new stuff, and at the end - took two tequila shots! THOSE were my husbands idea!! But, props to me, the waiter said I was "Awesome" because I can do shots like a pro - must be due to those sorority days!! ha! Also, while there, I got presents from my MIL and her friend - the DVD "Maid of Honor" (really cute movie btw), another Maurices gift card, and this stuff!! I have never heard of that "stuff" before, and we've yet to try it out - but everyone else around here has heard of it and wants to know where to buy it! Ha!
  • And so.. after eating, we went bowling at Millennium. I love bowling! We played two very long games, in which I lost both, but I had a blast anyways (pictures soon to follow this weekend). I also enjoyed some Mr Bud Light as well... Tally for the night, one huge margarita, 2 tequila shots, and 3 beer - not bad, not bad. And no praying time with the porcelain gods. Score one for me! ha! jk
  • And last but not least, Sunday. I had to get up and take hubbie to the airport. More on that later. Then I spent all day in bed - with the exception of feeding the dogs, and getting more meds at Wal-Mart... I was running a fever and felt like poo. I barely managed a shower - although the water did not touch my head. I did however, catch some much needed Zzz's and watch some really neat shows on TLC.
Thankfully, today my fever is gone - well, I may have a small one... and I'm beginning to feel better. Yay.


Jenn said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Valerie said...

Rest, rest, rest! You need it. I'm glad you had a good birthday. We have to go see The Women soon!

Hollie said...

Sounds like you had a great time, fever and all! I'm glad you're feeling better!

AngelaP said...

Glad you had a great birthday!! My last birthday I was in bed by, I'm like you and "holding hands" with 30!!!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a fun b-day even though you were sick and everything. I was actually sick for my birthday this year too - such a bummer. Hope you get to feeling back to yourself soon. (o:

amy (metz) walker said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like an action-packed weekend...glad you had a good one!

You should NOT run with a fever, missy!!!