Monday, September 29, 2008

Road Trip!

Let me just say that we had a GREAT weekend! A much needed, great weekend. I picked hubs up at the airport on Friday - for those who didn't know, my husband was in SF for a WEEK!! It was miserable, but it's over now! Anyways, Saturday we were just lounging around and he said that we should go to Bass Pro... I immediately say okay - I'm definitely always up for a road trip! So, as I throw some clothes in the washer/dryer and take a shower, he books us a room at The Grand Victorian in Branson. Little did either of us know before...Branson has a Bass Pro, too! Although - much smaller than the Springfield one.

Anyways, we left our house at 2pm and arrived in Branson around 4 something! We checked in our room, then off to Bass Pro we went! We got some really cute clothes for our niece, nephew, and cousin (camo stuff). AND I got a new winter jacket! It's a Columbia (never had one of those before) and my hubbie even picked it out and insisted that I get it! I've had my current winter jacket for 4 years now and it was time for a new one! Anyways, we then went to Olive Garden and had dinner... After that, we rode some go-carts and played some arcade games and pool!

Sunday morning, we got up and ate some breakfast and then went to the Hollywood Wax Museum! After leaving there, we headed back home, but stopped in Cli to see the "Natural Bridge." Let me just say - worst $8 ever spent! It's a rock! Ugh! Some bridge! Anyways, we continued home and when we arrived back to Cway, we decided we should go see a movie - Lakeview Terrace. All in all, a good movie -with a sucky ending. That's all I'll say.

So, as you can read, we had a busy and FUN weekend! I'll post pictures from my b-day weekend and this past weekend when I get a chance tonight!! Some great pictures coming up!


Jessica's Journey said...

Sorry I'm just now responding! I got the shirt in Fayetteville at the Bookstore on campus. I've seen it at several places though. I got it last year.

How is the 1/2 training coming along. I though about doing that run, but it is on a hog weekend and we will be out of town!

Oh and I love Branson!

Suz said...

What crazy busy weekend! Sounds like a blast!

Can't wait to see the b-day pics!

Valerie said...

You needed a weekend away! I'm glad yall had fun.