Friday, July 1, 2011

My Sister

You might recall that a few months back my sister was having tests ran and I asked ya'll to pray.  I guess it's time I explained all of that, huh?

My sister has had female issues in the past.  By that, I mean she rarely, if ever, has a cycle.  So, back in April, she went to the gyno to get on BC, so that she could resolve this issue and have a cycle.  Well, the doctor gave her some medicine that would make her start and then she should've started taking the BC.  Well, she never started her cycle after that medicine. 

So the doc brought her in for some bloodwork.  Her numbers came back all crazy and so they sent her off for more bloodwork and an MRI of her brain.  They thought she had a tumor.  Thankfully, her MRI came back clear.  So, more bloodwork was ordered.  Those numbers came back crazy, too.  So, they thought that now she might have something wrong with her ovaries.  By this point, it's the middle of May.  They call her in for an emergency ultrasound.

The tech said, "Ah ha, there it is."
"There what is?"
"Your baby's head.  Your six months pregnant."

Yes.  My sister was six months pregnant and you couldn't even tell.  She's a tiny girl and there wasn't a bump.  She looked a little bloated, like she had just eaten too much pizza, but that was it.  She had no sickness, no weight gain, no belly.  No symptoms what-so-ever.  She even had an exam in April when she was 4-5 months pregnant and the doctor missed that.

Thankfully, the baby is doing fine.  It's a girl, by the way.  She's measuring a few weeks bigger than originally thought and scheduled to be here at the end of August.  To say we are all relieved that it wasn't cancer of some sort is a major understatement. 

So there you have it. 

I've hesitated sharing this on my blog for a while now, because it's family business and I don't normally share info like that on here.... Plus, my little sister is near and dear to my heart and I don't want anyone to think negatively of her at all. 

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Josey said...


First off, AWESOME that sis and baby are okay.

Secondly, one of my very best friends didn't know she was pregnant until HER WATER BROKE. She was a tiny girl, gained maybe 5#, and had no symptoms (she had a retroverted uterus so she carried the baby on her spine basically). It's not just idiots on TV this happens to. I was in a dressing room with her 2 weeks before she gave birth and had NO CLUE she was pregnant. It happens.

Josey said...

Also, what is the doctor's excuse for missing that?!! Wow. That's the question I'd be asking.

Larissa said...

Oh wow that's crazy! I'm so glad that she and the baby are doing well.

WannabeRunner said...

ohmygoodness, she could go on that show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant"! I'm glad they are both doing ok!

Tyly said...

To go from thinking a possible tumor to finding out she's expecting a little girl?! What a blessing!!! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so crazy! 6 months is more than halfway!

Glad she knows now though and that both are doing good.

Abbie said...

I am so glad that your sister is okay, I'm sure that was very scary for her and for all of you.

Last year one of my closest friends experience the same thing. She was told that because of her two kidney transplants she'd never be able to have children. Like your sister, she found out she was pregnant when she was 6 months along. I say they're little miracle babies:)

Sending lots of prayers her way!

lindsay said...

this is exciting! i hope everything goes well for your sister and your niece-to-be :) i am SO glad it is not cancer or anything else horrible, but what's up with the doc missing it at her checkup? umm hello?!?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that's insane! Did the pregnancy tests come back negative or did her doctor not administer them? I'm glad they are both well and I hope she has an easy final few months of pregnancy and delivery.

ms. mindless said...

Oh my goodness! That is so crazy. Hooray for your sister and baby being healthy and safe. What a blessing!

And, how did so many medical professionals miss this for 6 MONTHS? That is insane.

Sara said...

Oh wow! How amazing, though!! Congrats to your sister and her family (and you!). I truly hope the best for her and her little one.

I am so glad everyone is okay - thanks for sharing her story with all of us. :)

Hilary Lane said...

Oh my goodness - how crazy! Not gonna lie, I have this irrational fear that one day I'm going to find out I'm way pregnant & that I wouldn't be able to tell. I say irrational bc I take BC every month and always have a period. But I know it can happen! Congrats to your sister, though! And to you Aunt Shannon!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Oh, wow! I cannot believe that! I am so glad your sister and baby are doing okay!