Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Recap!

I didn't tell yall this, but...we went to Branson this weekend!

Hubs and I rented a one bedroom condo that had been recently remodeled - we were the very first people to stay in it! We loved the condo - it even had its own huge jacuzzi! It was wonderful! Then, my family stayed in a larger condo about a quarter of a mile away!

We drove up Friday after work and made it there around 7pm. We met up with my family and ate at the Olive Garden there in Branson. Afterwards, we made it back to our condo around 10pm and I hit the hay! I was so tired!

Saturday morning we made it to Silver Dollar City right as they were opening. We rode just about all the rides!! I even rode some kiddie rides with my cousin who is 5 years old. We had an absolute blast!! The very last ride we rode was called WildFire and I screamed like a little girl the entire time! My brother, myself, and my dad rode it and they laughed at me while I screamed!!! Seriously, I screamed the entire ride. We even bought the picture AND the video! I thought it was really cool that they have these video cameras mounted on the seat in front of you - I had no idea! I may have said "Holy Sh!t" after the ride had stopped and the camera totally caught that! Oooops! I'm gonna try to scan the picture and see if I can upload the video some time this week. I'm sure ya'll would love that!

Then Saturday evening we hit up the pool and played in the sun some more. After showering, we called in some real Italian pizza (that was wonderful) and played 4 games of Taboo! It was awesome! It was so funny, my dad said "Where you go after a night of drinking..." and I screamed out "a whore house!" - everyone laughed and said "What?!" - the answer was Waffle House. Oooops! After leaving their condo, we went back to ours and enjoyed our jacuzzi!

Sunday, we tidied up our condo and then headed to eat at Fudruckers before heading home. We love, love, love that place. Seriously, you all should eat there if given the chance. Yum!

So, there you have our weekend! I took some pictures of the condo but that was it - I'll post those sometime soon (they're still on my camera). My stepmom took a few pictures while we were in the park, but I'm not sure if I'll get my hands on those or not.


Robyn said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend! Don't you love going on rides. Makes me feel like a kid again until I get off the ride and say, Oh my back hurts haha.

Lisa said...

fun times. :-)

Dawn Smith (Bee and Rose) said...

What a blast! We have photos and videos of rides like that and they make us laugh so hard every time we watch them! You'll be happy that you sacrificed a limb to pay for them! lol! (at least the rides we went on charged an arm and leg for those!) So worth it though!

Marlene said...

Sounds like one great weekend!

Julie said...

Hi Shannon,
Wow, it sounds like you had a great weekend it Brandson! That is somewhere that I have never been yet....maybe someday:)

Funny about the whore house:)

Nic said...

YES!! It was was busy! If I can't even walk down some stairs not sure I should even attempt Zumba..LOL!