Wednesday, November 25, 2009

With Thanks

How amazingly awesome are these pictures?? My little sister took these as my family followed me around on the Half Marathon course. I love them! She took many more, but only posted about a dozen or so on FB and I stole the ones that didn't make me look like a moron... These are the two best ones! I love the fact that I'm smiling SO BIG in the first one - that was around Mile 8 I believe. The 2nd one was a little further down the road. I love it! Brings me back to race day - a day that I will NEVER forget! I'm smiling pretty big right now :)
Anyways, here is my Thankful List. I figured it was time that I state what I'm thankful for, since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and all :)
  1. That we're able to live in a country where we are free and free to practice any religion we want.
  2. That I know God - not as well as I'd like to, but I'm getting there.
  3. My amazing family and their health. I'm so thankful for their health.
  4. I'm thankful to have shared the precious moments with my Grammy and was able to tell her what I needed to tell her. I'm also thankful to know without a doubt, that she's in Heaven.
  5. I'm thankful for having a caring and understand husband.
  6. I'm thankful that we both have jobs in this economy - even though I complain about his quite alot.
  7. I'm thankful that I have a healthy body and am able to push myself physically.
  8. Thankful that my entire family has a roof over their heads, food in their fridge, working vehicles in their driveways, and heat to warm them.
  9. Thankful that I've come out of my box and have tried different things such as spin class (I love that class!! Went last night again...LOVE IT!)
  10. Thankful that we've started recycling. Last week, we only had 1 bag of trash - we usually have atleast 3 in a week.
There are many, many more things that I'm thankful for, but I know that if you're like can only read so much before your ADD kicks in! Ha!
I hope everyone has a joyous Thanksgiving Holiday!
P.S. I'm thankful that I have so many readers as well! :o)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are You A Hugger, Too??

I thought I'd share an adorable picture of our two dogs cuddling yesterday morning. It's not the best picture, due to a dirty window, but aren't they just cute?! You'll notice that Rocky isn't wearing his jacket - it warmed up a little the past few days, but he'll be wearing it again at the end of this week and I'll snap a picture!

Moving on... Yesterday I decided to skip Pilates and do some weights instead. That was the plan, anyways. I came home and remembered that my iPod was dead - like completely, wont turn on, dead. So, I put it on the charger and took my time getting ready, so that it could charge some. Anyways, after taking longer than usual, I headed to the gym. Since I knew my iPod would die on me soon, I wanted to make sure and do the StairClimber first (I wanted to do the StairClimber & weights..both! And I need music for the StairClimber). Anyways, I got on, did my 15 minutes of wishing I was somewhere else torture and then decided I needed to walk some to stretch out those muscles a little bit. (Don't ask me about my logic, I just do what I want!)

So... I hop on the treadmill instead of walking the indoor track. Now, I hate the treadmill for the simple fact that I cannot run on the treadmill. No really, I have no balance and it's basically impossible for me to do without falling off. But, as I'm reaching the half mile mark, I start to think....maybe I'll try running... You can see where this is leading right? So, I look around and see how many people would witness my failure and decided that since everyone else was walking on the treadmill, I'd try to be big and bad and run on the treadmill... Well, let me say that nothing has changed - I still have no balance. But, I didn't fall off. Instead, I hung on for dear life and ran! Which brings me to my question... what do "normal" people do with their arms while running on the treadmill and how big of an idiot did I look like holding on to the grips and running....and then maybe "hugging" the top and running?

Picture this... girl running... arms at the top of the treadmill thingy by the tv.... yes, that was me. I wasn't so much as hugging the treadmill, but more of "I'm gonna rest my hands right here, so that I don't fall off"... Seriously, I'm hoping that I will learn how to run on the dang thing without holding on for dear life...

Oh, and btw, I did 2.3 miles on the dreadmill before being drenched in sweat (no fan and yes that's just sad and pathetic...) and deciding that I'd had enough... and then I noticed that it was 5:15 and I had meant to leave the gym at 5... If I hadn't had to wait around on my iPod to charge, I would've had more time to do other Hey, there's always next time right? I mean, 2.3 miles on the dreadmill and 15 mins on the StairClimber are way better than nothing.... But hey, tonight is the killer Spin Class - so I'm not worried!

P.S. Please say a prayer for Bee and Rose. Leave her a nice, warm comment too.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Rest Days

Edited to add: The song is called "Jump" and it's by FloRida ft Nelly Furtado. Def downloading tonight!

Well, spin class did it kicked my booty! She changed it up some last night and I was so thankful for that. We didn't have to hover - just the running part and some "holding on hills." But, don't let me fool ya; I was a sweaty mess when we were finished! Luckly, there were a few newbies in there last night (besides me), so I didn't feel like I was the only one who didn't have a clue why she was in there (ha!). But, to my dismay, one of the newbies left while we were still warming up. Hmmm. I just don't get that, btw. I will never leave a class - no matter how badly it sucks. I think it just shows that you're not putting your all in it. Because, lets face it... if you gave it your all - you'd still be there! Maybe not at the level that you need to be, but you'd still be there nonetheless...

Moving on.. I was seriously sweaty and seriously nauseous! I've never been nauseous after exercising - so that tells you how much effort I put into last night! My legs felt like jello when we were finished! Btw, yes I've felt nauseous during/after running, but that doesn't count. LOL Oh, random thought.. the instructor plays her iPod over the speakers for us and she has this one song that goes "When I say jump, you say how high..." - it's really upbeat and it makes me feel like I can conquer anything... anyone ever heard of it? I'm gonna have to go google that now....

Anyways, something I noticed last night... Men, quit reading now... This next paragraph is TMI...

My sports bra doesn't "feel" the way it used to. Meaning, I'm afraid it will slip up at any moment because there is nothing weighing it down! Yikes! I'm so not joking and I'm starting to feel a little self conscious. Which leads me to this question... Who designs bras anyways? I recently had to go get a 34 (used to be 36) in measurement... and the ONLY colors available were bright pink and yellow, and then some striped zebra thing. Seriously? I'm expected to wear these confidently under a white shirt?? I can't even take myself seriously while wearing these things. Who's bright idea was this anyways?? So, that leaves me thinking... Surely there are women out there who are over the age of 15 who wear a 34! I know my ribcage can't be that tiny! LOL Does anyone else have that problem? And what do I do if I ever (Heaven forbid) have to go to a 32 (is that even possible, anyways?)? Because, right now, I'm on the smallest "setting" on the 34.... Anyways, any thoughts on where a tiny ribcage can get an adult colored bra? LOL I can't even believe I'm putting all of this out there.....

Anywho, tonight is thankfully a rest night. I'm so sore from Pilates and then my legs are tired from Spin... that I'm taking tonight off!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TG Monday Is Gone!

Well, good news, my bad mood has passed! ha! Yesterday was a long day - I made so many stupid mistakes that it was unreal. Let's hope today isn't a repeat. :)

I went to Pilates again last night. This time she switched things up a bit; I was both glad and uneasy about this. It was nice that we weren't doing the exact same moves as last week, but man those moves we did last night made me realize once again how uncoordinated I am. You know there is always one person in a class who just looks like a total moron no matter how hard they try - yeah, that girl was me. ha! No surprise though, that girl has always been me. I swear I'm the most uncoordinated person you'll ever meet. That's why I think me and running get along so well... If only it weren't so darn cold!

Anyways, I woke this morning with a little soreness - not as much as last week. I'm sore in my lower ab muscles which makes me kinda happy to think that the pooch that has taken residence might have a chance at disappearing! LOL Anyways, I've also got some head cold stuff going on. The stupid weather changed drastically yesterday and ticked my body off. No joke, it was 60 when I came to work yesterday morning and 40 when I left work. Yeah, my body was not happy about that and it's letting me know this morning. So, assuming that I don't feel like a Mack truck hit me this afternoon, I'll be attempting Spin class again. :) I'm kinda excited about that since it's a major booty kicker.

One last note... I'm still carbonated drink free! One week as of today! And, somehow I lost 3 pounds last week. I'm sure it was all water since I was retaining water like it was my job. But, I took my measurements again yesterday (a new Monday ritual) and I know exactly where that water was hiding - around my waistline! Thank goodness it's gone, because the buttons on my pants were screaming last week! :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday!

BTW, I turned on Anonymous comments... So, feel free to say hello!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Na Cho Average Night!

I volunteered for about 2 hours at Children's Hospital, with some coworkers yesterday. Our company puts on a Bingo game for the kids once a month and this was my 2nd time to participate. I had a blast the first time and was looking forward to it again once I knew that I would be able to go. But, I have to be honest, given the circumstances I was a little anxious to say the least. It was one week ago yesterday that I was in another hospital down the road a little ways with my Grammy. So, when I walked into another hospital, I felt a little overwhelmed with emotions, but I kept telling myself that it was for different reasons. So, I went up to the playroom with others and there were 2 cancer patients (among other patients). They reminded me so much of my Grammy - their little hairless heads. But, I held back the tears and put my happy face on and pushed through. I was there for them, after all. Turns out, I kinda knew one of the patients and her mother, who was also there. It was nice to chit chat with them. I ran with her mom in the beginning of the Half training. She's from my town and her and her husband works where hubs works. Not only that, but I've heard their story a few times and am friends with one of their friends. So, it was nice to put a face with the story. Good news is, that little girl is cancer free now. :) Praise the Lord.

Moving on... I was little emotional when I left and I called my stepmom and had a nice long chat with her. Grammy was her mom. It was good to get some of that out and talk to someone who understood where I was coming from. We also had a nice chat about my brother, whom I'm currently having a rather large disagreement with. So, to say that I was feeling all kinds of emotions is an understatement.

I get home and read my brother's email...and then get a text from hubs saying he wants something "good for dinner." In other words, he doesn't want me to cook dinner LOL. To be honest, I was totally fine with that because I'm an emotional eater and I was kinda emotional!! So, we went to OC. Remember a few months ago when I mentioned their awesome nachos?? Well, I took a picture for ya'll:

Note... there was more cheese and toppings on a few of those nachos... I ate a little before remembering to take a picture. :) Also to note... we may or may not have gotten a side of guac. Just saying. So yes, I ate horribly and may of had a half slice of pizza. But, I only ate a small-ish portion of those nachos. Actually, 90% of the pizza and 70% of the nachos are in the fridge as we "speak." So there, I didn't do awful and I ordered a water - still carbonated-drink free!!!

Anyways, I'm on the fence about what to do tonight. Spin again or try running for the first time in almost 3 weeks? I'm really thinking I'll go out for a run. The weather looks nice, although it might be a little chilly. But, I'm thinking 2 or 3 miles is on the agenda. Just something to get my legs moving again! What do you think?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You Spin Me Right Round...

Isn't that how the song goes? Anyways, last night was my first time attempting Spin Class. Wow. That's the only word that comes to mind right now! I knew it would be hard and it didn't disappoint!

I showed up early (as always) and this nice chick (girl my age..don't know what else to call her) helped me put the pedals on the bike and get the seat adjusted to the correct height. So, I saddled up (ha!) and began to warm up. I was in the very front row, because I had a coworker meeting there and she requested the front row.... Well, she sat behind me - why, I have no idea. Did I mention that I hate being in the front row in anything? I was always that girl who sat in the last row in class. Always. Anyways...

The instructor comes in and turns off the lights (thank God!!!!) and so it's kinda dim in the room, but you can still see the mirror in front of us. She hooks up her iPod and begins the class after helping another girl situate her bike. First, let me add that my bike had a padded thing on it. I think that helped because my bottom is not sore. Thankfully. Anyways, we do our warm up and I'm thinking I can totally do this. Well, we start adding resistance...I'm still doing alright. Then, she tells us that we're going to get to the top of our imaginary hill (read: a very hard resistance) and then stand up and run. Then, we'll hover, then sit back in the saddle and repeat - 6 times. Um, this is the part where I wondered if I was going to fall off of my bike. Seriously, during those runs... I wondered if the bike was bolted tight enough into the floor and if I lost my balance how many other bikes I would knock off as I went tumbling down to the ground. Fortunately for me, I kept my balance - although I have no idea how. After that, class was easier.

We did some more hills and I didn't die. Although, I will freely admit that I wondered why on Earth I had decided to that class. During the class, I pretty much hated it. But afterwards, I was so proud of myself - ha! So, I guess that means I'll be back on Thursday.

Tonight is rest night. I thought about doing Yoga but to be honest, I'm way too sore from Pilates still. Plus, I'm volunteering at Children's Hospital and I'll be coming home a tad later than usual. So, I'm using that as an excuse and I will gladly plant my sore body on the couch and catch up on my DVR'd shows!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Turning Over A New Leaf

So, I decided that after the Half Marathon and some other recent events, I'd branch out and try some new things. Allow me to explain....

For the most part, most of us are not happy with either our body or some areas of our body. I fall into that category. So, since I've cut back on running (read: haven't ran since the half marathon and I have a ton of excuses, yada yada) I've decided to try some group classes. I tried Pilates last night for the very first time. Let me start off by saying that anyone who says this class is easy as obviously never tried it. Seriously, I was skeptical but was quickly surprised that I was struggling. My body shook from holding positions and I learned once again that I can not touch my toes no matter how hard I try. That's something I've never been able to do and it baffles most people. But, I'm working on it. LOL

I woke up so sore in my core area and my arms. I'm talking, "please don't make me laugh because it hurts" sore!! But, that makes me want to go back for some more...thank goodness that class isn't offered but once a week!

Tonight will be another first... Beginner's Spin Class. Yep, I'm certain I will not be able to walk tomorrow after that one! But, I'm gonna give it a spin! (ha, I made a funny) Along with all of that, I've cut carbonated beverages out of my life again. My last diet Mtn Dew was yesterday. I've done this before and it lasted a little over a year, so I know it's possible for me to do. I also took my measurements yesterday and put them in a very secret notebook - so that the hubs will never find it and see those numbers!!!! eek! Will I share those numbers with yall? Maybe. It really depends if I can give you all some great before and after comparisons!! No need in posting numbers to embarrass myself just yet!

Anyways, I'm also trying to cut back on some of my unhealthy eating habits. We shall see how all of that goes. Oh, and one more thing. I tried some of that new sweetener - Sun Crystals - made from Stevia or whatever.... Not.A.Fan. I'll pass. Bring on the Splenda. LOL I know, I know.... Oh, and one more random tidbit... I've decided I'm not a fan of Pomegranate Juice - it wasn't just the POM Wonderful, it's all Pomegranate Juice. So, there you have it. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm Here

My title pretty much sums up how I feel today. I'm just here. Today is my first day back to work since last Tuesday. It's hard coming back, because I feel like people are looking at me like "poor girl."

I handle death a little differently than others, I think. I didn't let my closest friends know till after the funeral, because I didn't want them to come. I love my friends, don't get me wrong, but I didn't want to have to worry about "entertaining" them. I just wanted to be with my family and no one else.

I put poor hubs through the ringer last week, I'm sure. But, he never complained. He completely understood. Case in point, when I broke down in the kitchen because Taco Bueno didn't give me any guac, he got back in the truck and had them correct their mistake. I felt horrible, but he understood. Hubs wasn't only there for me, he was also there for the rest of my family. He served as a pallbearer. I know that my Grammy loved him as her own grandchild and that's what she would've wanted. He did a great job. He also helped me put together a memorial DVD. I'd never done one before and neither had he, but together, we got it done. We got a ton of compliments on it and I was even impressed that we were able to pull it together in a matter of a day. It took a lot of work and I was less than easy to work with, but we pulled it together. We're making more copies for family members and we gave the original to my grandad. I love that man and I feel for him.

We had no idea that my Grammy was leaving us so soon. No idea at all. My parents took her to the ER Sunday night because she wasn't getting enough food or water. She was weak and wasn't making any sense. Just last week, she was walking and talking fine. But, the radiation had totally destroyed her stomach. Therefore, she just didn't eat or drink. She was very dehydrated, but we were sure that she would pull through and go home. Then, on Monday when things weren't improving at a fast rate, they ordered a brain scan for Tuesday. I got to see my Grammy Monday after work. Hubs met me at the hospital and we stayed there for about 45 minutes before she was too tired to talk. She did tell me that it was an honor to be my grandmother and thank you for finding hubs. I told her (through tears) that it was an honor to be her granddaughter and thank you for being such a great grandmother. That was the hardest moment. I just knew that it was the dehydration talking and that she'd be fine. Tuesday she just slept. They did the scan and it was found that the cancer had moved to her brain. She was given less than 2 weeks to live. I found out after work.

Wednesday her blood pressure started dropping. The nurses told us that her organs would begin to shut down and they did. Around 2pm, she stopped breathing for about 45 seconds. The doctors were called in and Grammy suddenly came back and woke up. She looked around scared. She was unable to talk, but she could hear us. Moments later, Grammy went to Heaven.
She was only 63 years old.

I want to say Thank You to everyone for the kind words and prayers. It's great to have a support group like you all. I ask that you continue the prayers for my family - as everyone just can't believe that she's gone. It will take a while for us all to recover and I'm sure that things will never be the same.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Sad Day

I just thought I'd update and let everyone know that my Grammy went to Heaven yesterday afternoon after a long battle with cancer. The cancer had spread to her brain and her death was very sudden. She was just walking and talking a few short days ago. We will all miss her greatly; she was the backbone of this family and a woman that we all looked up to. Thank you for your prayers.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy November!

Yes, this is a real spider. Yes, it tried to eat me Thursday when I came home from work. Yes, I screamed like a little girl and almost set our alarm off because I wouldn't run past the demon. But, alas, I made it in, grabbed my camera (because hubs wouldn't believe this) and zoomed in as much as I could. Then, I shut the door and sent the picture to hubs asking him what I needed to do. His response? Stomp on it. Um, yeah right - that thing would go up my pants leg for sure! So, I grabbed some Oust! and was prepared to spray it to death, only it was gone! So, I called Terminix (sp?) and made an appointment for the spider killers to come on Friday. :) I haven't seen a spider since that lovely man left after booby trapping our house!

Finally, it's November! We are out of October! Yes! I clearly have issues with October and I was SO happy to see November yesterday. Not only that, but the extra hour we gained yesterday was lovely as well. Who knew that an hour could make that big of a difference?! I had a wonderful weekend and I hope ya'll did too! Tonight will be my first gym class. I'm either taking Spin or Pilates tonight! Wish me luck, because I'm nervous!

P.S. My grandmother was taken to the hospital last night. The new batch of chemo they have her on is making her very sick and she's not been holding food or liquids down. She's lost a lot of weight and has gotten weak. Please pray that the doctors can make her feel better so she's able to fight the cancer. Thank You.