Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TG Monday Is Gone!

Well, good news, my bad mood has passed! ha! Yesterday was a long day - I made so many stupid mistakes that it was unreal. Let's hope today isn't a repeat. :)

I went to Pilates again last night. This time she switched things up a bit; I was both glad and uneasy about this. It was nice that we weren't doing the exact same moves as last week, but man those moves we did last night made me realize once again how uncoordinated I am. You know there is always one person in a class who just looks like a total moron no matter how hard they try - yeah, that girl was me. ha! No surprise though, that girl has always been me. I swear I'm the most uncoordinated person you'll ever meet. That's why I think me and running get along so well... If only it weren't so darn cold!

Anyways, I woke this morning with a little soreness - not as much as last week. I'm sore in my lower ab muscles which makes me kinda happy to think that the pooch that has taken residence might have a chance at disappearing! LOL Anyways, I've also got some head cold stuff going on. The stupid weather changed drastically yesterday and ticked my body off. No joke, it was 60 when I came to work yesterday morning and 40 when I left work. Yeah, my body was not happy about that and it's letting me know this morning. So, assuming that I don't feel like a Mack truck hit me this afternoon, I'll be attempting Spin class again. :) I'm kinda excited about that since it's a major booty kicker.

One last note... I'm still carbonated drink free! One week as of today! And, somehow I lost 3 pounds last week. I'm sure it was all water since I was retaining water like it was my job. But, I took my measurements again yesterday (a new Monday ritual) and I know exactly where that water was hiding - around my waistline! Thank goodness it's gone, because the buttons on my pants were screaming last week! :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday!

BTW, I turned on Anonymous comments... So, feel free to say hello!


Marlene said...

Good for you sticking with Pilates, even if you feel like an uncoordinated moron. ;) (I'm sure it's not that bad!)

I feel clumsy in most of my classes, but I have fun with it anyway.

Congrats on sticking to the NO SODA and wtg on shedding that water bulge.

Lindsey said...

I feel so uncoordinated when I do pilates too!!

Kelly said...

That's awesome you are still soda free!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I store everything in my waistline. LOL!!

Lisa said...

I'm glad Monday is over too... had a MAJOR headache and was sooo tired.

So glad you are liking spin class. When my gym opens I hope to take a spin class once a week.

Great job on the weight and measurements. I took my mesurements earlier this year when I started the 30 day shred but got injured shortly thereafter so I'm sure nothing has changed.

xxxxx said...

sweet. great work! congrats on your 3lb weight loss. it's still fabulous even if you think it was only water weight :)

Nic said...

What is the purpose of retaining water? I HATE it!! and Ps one time is step class I missed the step and fell flat on my face. It wasn't pretty =)

Melissa said...

Congrats on going back to Pilates.. I think it's one of those classes you have to go to a few times before actually enjoying being there.