Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You Spin Me Right Round...

Isn't that how the song goes? Anyways, last night was my first time attempting Spin Class. Wow. That's the only word that comes to mind right now! I knew it would be hard and it didn't disappoint!

I showed up early (as always) and this nice chick (girl my age..don't know what else to call her) helped me put the pedals on the bike and get the seat adjusted to the correct height. So, I saddled up (ha!) and began to warm up. I was in the very front row, because I had a coworker meeting there and she requested the front row.... Well, she sat behind me - why, I have no idea. Did I mention that I hate being in the front row in anything? I was always that girl who sat in the last row in class. Always. Anyways...

The instructor comes in and turns off the lights (thank God!!!!) and so it's kinda dim in the room, but you can still see the mirror in front of us. She hooks up her iPod and begins the class after helping another girl situate her bike. First, let me add that my bike had a padded thing on it. I think that helped because my bottom is not sore. Thankfully. Anyways, we do our warm up and I'm thinking I can totally do this. Well, we start adding resistance...I'm still doing alright. Then, she tells us that we're going to get to the top of our imaginary hill (read: a very hard resistance) and then stand up and run. Then, we'll hover, then sit back in the saddle and repeat - 6 times. Um, this is the part where I wondered if I was going to fall off of my bike. Seriously, during those runs... I wondered if the bike was bolted tight enough into the floor and if I lost my balance how many other bikes I would knock off as I went tumbling down to the ground. Fortunately for me, I kept my balance - although I have no idea how. After that, class was easier.

We did some more hills and I didn't die. Although, I will freely admit that I wondered why on Earth I had decided to that class. During the class, I pretty much hated it. But afterwards, I was so proud of myself - ha! So, I guess that means I'll be back on Thursday.

Tonight is rest night. I thought about doing Yoga but to be honest, I'm way too sore from Pilates still. Plus, I'm volunteering at Children's Hospital and I'll be coming home a tad later than usual. So, I'm using that as an excuse and I will gladly plant my sore body on the couch and catch up on my DVR'd shows!!

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