Thursday, November 12, 2009

Na Cho Average Night!

I volunteered for about 2 hours at Children's Hospital, with some coworkers yesterday. Our company puts on a Bingo game for the kids once a month and this was my 2nd time to participate. I had a blast the first time and was looking forward to it again once I knew that I would be able to go. But, I have to be honest, given the circumstances I was a little anxious to say the least. It was one week ago yesterday that I was in another hospital down the road a little ways with my Grammy. So, when I walked into another hospital, I felt a little overwhelmed with emotions, but I kept telling myself that it was for different reasons. So, I went up to the playroom with others and there were 2 cancer patients (among other patients). They reminded me so much of my Grammy - their little hairless heads. But, I held back the tears and put my happy face on and pushed through. I was there for them, after all. Turns out, I kinda knew one of the patients and her mother, who was also there. It was nice to chit chat with them. I ran with her mom in the beginning of the Half training. She's from my town and her and her husband works where hubs works. Not only that, but I've heard their story a few times and am friends with one of their friends. So, it was nice to put a face with the story. Good news is, that little girl is cancer free now. :) Praise the Lord.

Moving on... I was little emotional when I left and I called my stepmom and had a nice long chat with her. Grammy was her mom. It was good to get some of that out and talk to someone who understood where I was coming from. We also had a nice chat about my brother, whom I'm currently having a rather large disagreement with. So, to say that I was feeling all kinds of emotions is an understatement.

I get home and read my brother's email...and then get a text from hubs saying he wants something "good for dinner." In other words, he doesn't want me to cook dinner LOL. To be honest, I was totally fine with that because I'm an emotional eater and I was kinda emotional!! So, we went to OC. Remember a few months ago when I mentioned their awesome nachos?? Well, I took a picture for ya'll:

Note... there was more cheese and toppings on a few of those nachos... I ate a little before remembering to take a picture. :) Also to note... we may or may not have gotten a side of guac. Just saying. So yes, I ate horribly and may of had a half slice of pizza. But, I only ate a small-ish portion of those nachos. Actually, 90% of the pizza and 70% of the nachos are in the fridge as we "speak." So there, I didn't do awful and I ordered a water - still carbonated-drink free!!!

Anyways, I'm on the fence about what to do tonight. Spin again or try running for the first time in almost 3 weeks? I'm really thinking I'll go out for a run. The weather looks nice, although it might be a little chilly. But, I'm thinking 2 or 3 miles is on the agenda. Just something to get my legs moving again! What do you think?

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