Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Can't Make This Stuff Up

Yesterday was awful. Understatement of the year..
  • Woke up and could barely move my left shoulder. No idea what I did.
  • Work was crazy. Crazzzzzy. I worked an escalation that took foe-eva.
  • Right before leaving work, found out that we are going on mandatory 2 hours OT per day starting the next day. Nice.
  • Drove hub's truck over a curb while leaving...
  • Went the wrong way on the interstate... I was taking his truck to get the oil changed because I'm a nice wifey...
  • After turning around and going the right way, I went the wrong way off the exit ramp. Nice again.
  • After getting the oil changed, I wanted to get his truck washed, only to find out that the complimentary car wash was out of service. Booo.
  • Then, I go to fill up his truck with gas (I am an awesome wife)... and while the gas is pumping, I decide to clean his truck out. While doing so, I hear liquid hit the pavement.
  • Yes, the gas is GUSHING out of the truck onto the pavement. I say a dirty word and click the pump off. I remove the handle thingy and gas keeps pouring out of the truck and the pump... my shoes.. my hands.. covered. I go to wipe off the truck and my hands... had to HUNT for a paper towel.. GRRR
  • Get home, call the husband. Have a minor breakdown...
  • Check facebook and see that a co-worker got the job I interviewed for. FML.
  • Then call husband and have yet another breakdown - this time not so minor.
  • So... today, I get up at 3:40AM and get to work at 5:15... for the start of my 10 hour shift.
But... guess who saved my day this morning? Another co-worker who also interviewed for the job... brought me a Starbucks Hot Chocolate. Seriously, I wanted to hug her. So.. here's hoping that today and tomorrow go better.

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