Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Am I F.I.T.?

Well, I decided to branch out yesterday and try a new class. Wow, was that something! I tried the F.I.T. Class at my gym. I had to google F.I.T this morning and it means "Frequency, Intensity, Type/Time" - yep that definitely covers it! I had been warned by two friends about the instructor and how intense she was and they were both right! But, I liked her!

Let me tell you a little about this class. We started off warming up and then....
  • We took our 6lb medicine balls and played pass with our partners, all while squatting and then standing up with our balls.
  • We then took a BOSU (I think that's right?) and stood on it (yikes) while doing the above move with our partners.
  • Then, we did two laps around the track as fast as we could (I had this move down pat!).
  • Then, we came in, sat on our mats, put our feet against our partners feet, did some ab moves with our balls, then threw the medicine ball at our partner....
  • Then, we took our balls and did one handed push-ups on our balls - I have no idea how to explain this.
  • Then, two more laps around the indoor track.
  • We then took our lovely medicine balls and tried to balance ourselves on it with our hands on the ball, and our toes on the floor -kinda like a hovering push-up.
  • Then we tried to do the same thing, only with our feet on the ball and our hands on the floor - um, yeah, that didn't work out too well for me!!!
  • And, you guessed it, two more laps around the track!
  • Then, we took our BOSU's and we did lunges on them with each leg.
  • Then it was time for some dead lifts with that medicine ball. Ouch.
  • Remember, head, shoulders, knees and toes?? Yeah, we did that with a 6lb medicine ball and when you reached the ground you had to squat - which HURT by this time.
  • Then, take that ball and lift it over your head and then drop it behind your head and lift again.
  • And... instead of running again.. We're going to do everything but the running .. all over again! ha!
  • Let me just say - when we did all of this, we of course did a ton of repeats!
So... am I sore? Um, YES! I was sore half way through the class! ha! Will I be going back? Yep! But, thank goodness this class is only offered (at a time I can catch) once a week! :) And tonight... is SPIN class! Yay!

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