Monday, May 11, 2009

WCR 5k Race Recap

As promised, a little recap of the 5k I ran this weekend...
I ran the WCR 5k this weekend, with the goal of finishing under 40 minutes. Well, I did it! I finished in 39:38 - which is under 40, so I'm very happy! That makes my average pace 12:47 per mile and I'm happy with that too. :) 

There were approximately 1300 women registered for this event. There were 106 in my age group that were "Clinic Runners" - women who were registered with a clinic, like I was. I came in 84th out of 106. Usually, I'm closer to the bottom, so I was pretty happy with 84th. 

My sister had a burst of energy and ran her fastest race as well. She usually does somewhere around 39 minutes, but this time she did 36 minutes! She was super happy!

So, I've added a few brilliant pictures.. It was kinda early and I had no makeup on... So, don't judge! LOL Hope you enjoy!

The Family Before The Race:

My Sister at Mile Marker 2

Us After the Race

Me & My Finisher's Ribbon

Me & My Sister Afterwards

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