Wednesday, October 22, 2008


First, just wanted to say Thank You to all of the comments on the last post - ya'll really are the best blog buddies! Me and hubs went on our first bike ride last night and had a nice time. We did, however, pick the same trail that my running group was running on... So, I got to see the group I usually run with out there running their last group run. It was nice in a sense, but it was also a little bit disheartening -maybe that's the word I'm looking for. Anyways, back to the bike riding - when did bikes become so complicated? Seriously. This thing has several gears and I'm not sure which one I'm suppose to be in - which one is the easiest!? We only did 3 miles last night (according to our new little gadget), but it was still a good workout and a lot of fun. Hubs beat me though. The other night after we bought the bikes, we had a little drive down the neighborhood in which I beat him by a long we had a little competition going last night - and well, I L.O.S.T. LOL Big time. But, in my defense, I couldn't figure out the bike. So, maybe next time?

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