Monday, February 15, 2010


First off - Thank You so much for all the comments on my last post. It was a very emotional day and I miss my Grammy so much.

This weekend was amazing. I don't ever expect anything mushy for Valentine's Day, because we're not really that kind of couple. But, hubs let me in on a little surprise. He told me not to check the bank account on Friday and that he had went over our budget ($50). He then kept dropping hints that I'd love my gift. I was so excited!! Now, hubs is the greatest guy on Earth (in my opinion), but he never really plans things out too far in advance. He usually waits till the last minute to buy my gifts. That's just how he works! LOL

So, when I found out that he had bought my gift on Friday, I was so excited and wondered what on earth it could be! To make a long story short, he had me thinking it was a treadmill. But, when I ran outside to look in the back of his truck, nothing was there. I turned around and he was holding a small jewelry box. He opened the box and there were bright, sparkling 1 carat diamond earrings!!!! Wow. I was floored. These are the very first diamond earrings I've ever owned and they are amazing. He bought them at a little jewelry store downtown - a family owned one, which makes me love them even more. They are simply amazing. I wish I had a picture to show ya'll but, I don't. I'll have to get hubs to take one for me.

So, how was your Valentine's Day?

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Day of Rememberence

This morning I looked at my rings and for some reason the thought of how my Grammy loved my wedding band and ring came to mind. Almost every time I saw her, she wanted to see my sparkling rings. As I sat there staring at them this morning, I remembered the last time I cleaned them was the day of her funeral (Nov 2009). I did it for her. I knew she would be there looking down on our family and I wanted her to be able to admire the sparkling rings. Sounds silly, but it's what I felt. So, this morning, I cleaned my rings again.
I came into work this morning and looked at my calendar... Today is/was Grammy's birthday. She would've been 64 today. I know she probably doesn't celebrate her Earth Birthday up in Heaven, but I want to wish her a Happy Birthday anyways. Above is a picture that I had of her saved in my email. It was the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in Oct 2008. I didn't get to go to that race and walk it with her because I had 2 stress fractures and walking was very painful. Plus, the doctor told me to stay home. She had a great time at those races. I remember the first time I went to a Susan G Komen race back in 2006. It was just her, me, and my aunt that day. That was the most excited and happy that I had seen my Grammy. She was throwing her hands in the air and dancing along to the street music. She loved every minute of being able to say "Hey ladies, I'm a survivor too." Even though cancer battled her 3 times and this last time it won, I still believe that she was the strongest survivor I ever knew.
So, even though you're not with us anymore Grammy, today is your day! I hope you're enjoying it and dancing in Heaven. We love and miss you.

Photo(s) Friday

2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, a pullover, toboggan, and gloves
My sister and I made this snowman. He's sportin' a mohawk and some big ears.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Close Call

It was very foggy this morning and I was driving my morning commute into work on I430 (South). I430 is 3 lanes across and I was in the left hand lane and had just went over the river bridge. There was a pickup truck that was riding my tail all the way across the bridge. I was doing 72 in a 65. At times, I couldn't see this guy's headlights because he was so close to me. Well, I guess he decided that he wanted to go faster and he attempted to pass me.

He swerved into the lane on the right of me and the next thing I see in my rear view mirror is him spinning around and his truck hitting the wall a few times. His truck finally came to a stop and I couldn't see if he had hit the car that was in that lane or had managed to dodge them.
I couldn't pull over to see if he was okay because there was no median. So, I called 911 from my cell phone. I decided that was probably quicker than my OnStar (trust me, I've used OnStar before).

There is a guy who also works here to has the same commute and I asked him if he saw a 2nd car and he said he did but he couldn't tell if they had been hit or had just pulled over to help - since they were on the other side of the interstate on the right hand median. He also said that the truck was still in the lane against the wall - blocking most of that lane. It being so foggy - if someone's not paying attention, I'm sure that's another accident waiting to happen.

So, I definitely had a close call this morning. That guy was just inches away from my back bumper - he could've easily clipped me, causing me to spin around and hit that wall too.

I said a prayer for him and the other car (if there was one) and I feel slightly at peace since I called 911, but I do still feel like I should've found a spot to pull over. I just pray the driver(s) is alright. I gave the 911 dispatch great directions - for once I actually knew if I was going North or South and I knew the exit number this all happened near. The Lord knew I needed to pay attention this morning and know these things.

I was just thinking this morning about how hectic my life (and hub's) has been and how I wished things would slow down some. I guess this just brought me back to reality and how I need to be thankful for every second - no matter how hectic.

Edited to Add: The news has said that they've closed that bridge now due to "frozen fog." It was 28 degrees this morning, but now I wonder if he hit another car or if he hit a patch of frozen fog... Also to note, there are now around 6 wrecks on that bridge. This morning was definitely a close call.