Monday, February 15, 2010


First off - Thank You so much for all the comments on my last post. It was a very emotional day and I miss my Grammy so much.

This weekend was amazing. I don't ever expect anything mushy for Valentine's Day, because we're not really that kind of couple. But, hubs let me in on a little surprise. He told me not to check the bank account on Friday and that he had went over our budget ($50). He then kept dropping hints that I'd love my gift. I was so excited!! Now, hubs is the greatest guy on Earth (in my opinion), but he never really plans things out too far in advance. He usually waits till the last minute to buy my gifts. That's just how he works! LOL

So, when I found out that he had bought my gift on Friday, I was so excited and wondered what on earth it could be! To make a long story short, he had me thinking it was a treadmill. But, when I ran outside to look in the back of his truck, nothing was there. I turned around and he was holding a small jewelry box. He opened the box and there were bright, sparkling 1 carat diamond earrings!!!! Wow. I was floored. These are the very first diamond earrings I've ever owned and they are amazing. He bought them at a little jewelry store downtown - a family owned one, which makes me love them even more. They are simply amazing. I wish I had a picture to show ya'll but, I don't. I'll have to get hubs to take one for me.

So, how was your Valentine's Day?

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